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SI: Mets to extend Dickey, Wright “Quickly”

He already has a book deal…

According to a story from Sports Illustrated’s Fannation.com, Sandy Alderson intends to extend R.A. Dickey and David Wright soon, perhaps even before the World Series:

Sandy Alderson’s definition of “quickly,” when it comes to David Wright‘s and R.A Dickey’s future with the Mets, could mean before the first pitch of the World Series is even thrown. The Mets general manager made it clear earlier this week a resolution on both players’ futures could come quickly. A baseball source with knowledge of the team’s thinking was more specific yesterday, saying it’s conceivable Wright and Dickey will have new deals in place, at least in principle, by the time the World Series begins later this month. Wright and Dickey are under club control for 2013, but have indicated they will test free agency next offseason if they do not receive new contracts by spring training.

Strictly from an emotional fan perspective, I felt relieved to read this.  Signing Dickey and Wright would be great for the morale of the fans and the players.

Thinking about it rationally, I’m not sure this is the right move.  Perhaps one or both could be traded for major league ready outfielders or a catcher or some other need.  They might be able to fill, say, 4 other positions in exchange for these two players.

But how plausible would it be to replace their production?  Dickey may never have another 20-win season with a 2.73 ERA, but he will likely give the Mets 7 good innings every five days  32 or 33 times a year.  He’s shown that ability not just in 2012, but in his previous 2 seasons with the Mets.  And for as much as David Wright regressed to the mean in the second half, a team with little extra base power needs a player who can hit 40+ doubles and 20+ home runs.  Wright has done that consistently in years he’s been healthy, except for 2009.

Once again, the Mets don’t have a lot of money to spend this offseason, and many needs to fill.  Sandy Alderson will have to get creative on the trade market.  If he extends Dickey and Wright, two of his most valuable trade chips are off the table.  However, the Mets will be assured that they will have an ace pitcher and an All-Star third baseman heading into 2013.