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Blog Roundup: At Least Johan’s Coming Back Soon

To paraphrase the cartoon version of Tim McCarver from an episode of “Family Guy,”  as good as the Mets were in the first half of this season, that’s how as bad as they’ve been now.

But at least Frank Viola‘s daughter Brittany did well.  Oh, right.

OK, here are the Blogs:

  • Metszilla relays the news that Johan Santana will return without limits on Saturday.
  • Amazin’ Avenue notes that on this date in Mets history, New York played the Cubs in the first night game in Wrigley Field history.
  • Metsblog has a quote from Jose Reyes talking about Ruben Tejada.
  • The Bitter Bill asks a few questions that must be answered for the benefit of the future of the Mets.
  • Mets Police points out some of the good things the Mets do for their community.
  • NY Sports World gives us several reasons (besides masochism) to continue to watch the 2012 Mets.

That’s all for today.  Enjoy today’s edition of “Lunch with the Mets,” and keep checking out Mets Today.


Blog Roundup: Fast Start

The 2012 Mets have gotten out of the gate with 7 wins in their first 10 games.  This is the fourth best start in their history –  the 1972, 1985, and 2006  teams went 8-2 in their first 10 games.  They continue on with game two of their series in Atlanta tonight.

Blog reaction:

  • Rich Coutinho says the Mets’ fast start is due to their surprisingly effective starting rotation.
  • Real Dirty thinks the Mets’ plan to show a video tribute to Jose Reyes when the Marlins are in town next week goes a little too far.
  • Adam Rubin has a photo of the scoreboard at Citi…is that..are those…sabermetrics?
  • Bleacher Report thinks 5 Mets will continue their early season success all year.
  • Metstradamus doesn’t believe that was really Jason Bay out there last night, but rather a Tupacesque hologram of 2009 Jason Bay.
  • Daily Stache wonders if it’s cruel to dress up a dog in a Mets jersey and force him to panhandle outside Citi Field.

The DOG days aren’t here yet, but Mets Today can HANDLE any news and analysis, even if we get PANned.

(I really apologize for that last sentence…)


Blog Roundup: Christmas in Metsville

The Mets held their annual Christmas get-together at Citi Field, Bud Selig gave the Mets an early gift, and Ronny Paulino got coal in his stocking.  Daniel Murphy managed to avoid injury while playing Santa, and Fred and Jeff Wilpon were great as the Grinch and his dog – and they didn’t even wear costumes!

And the Blogs are spreading some cheer:

  • Mets Police has some pics from the holiday party, and was live-tweeting the event on-location from Citi.
  • Always Amazin’proposes Hong-Chi Kuo as the man to add some left-handed depth to the Mets’ bullpen.
  • Mets Cetera has the transcript from a revealing interview with Sandy Alderson.
  • Patrick Flood goes through the Mets tender/non-tender moves, and suggests further moves for 2012.
  • Amazin’ Avenue thinks Commissioner Bud Selig has been too soft on the Wilpons.
  • 7 Train to Shea was at the winter meetings, and saw Jose Reyes in a Marlins uniform firsthand.  7 Train to Shea’s therapist rejoices.

The holiday season has just begun, and Mets Today is the gift that keeps on giving.


Blog Roundup: Winter Meetings

For those of you who have lived under or a rock, or have a life and a job or something, here’s your week in review in blog form.  Yes, the baseball winter meetings took place this week in Dallas, TX, and the results were bigger than J.R.’s hat (or something…fill in your own Texas cliche).  The Mets lost Jose Reyes, gained a bunch of relief pitchers, and probably sampled some fine barbecue at Hard 8 or Pappas Brothers or somewhere.
  • Metstradamus says one thing we’ve learned is that home town discounts are going the way of the gutta-percha.
  • Ted Berg and Matt Cerrone talk about Jose Reyes.
  • Rising Apple wonders if trading Jon Niese makes sense.
  • Metsblog promotes the Mets’ annual coat drive coming up on December 14th.
  • The 7 Line has a new message for Mets management in convenient t-shirt form.
  • Midwestropolitan sums up the Reyes signing in a nutshell.  (The Reyes signing says, “No, this is me in a nutshell.  Help!  I’m in a nutshell!  How did I get in this nutshell?  And where did this bloody great big nutshell come from anyway?”

In a nutshell, keep checking out Mets Today.


Blog Roundup: Reyesmania!

The rumors, facts, innuendo, speculation, hand-wringing, and anxiety about Jose Reyes are at a peak.  It seems like every day some “reporter” quotes some “source” as saying Reyes has become a Miami Marlin.  However, he remains a free agent as of this posting.  Fan reaction runs the gamut from hysteria to anger to acceptance – and nothing’s actually happened yet.

The opinions of the Blogs also runs the gamut:

  • Paul Lebowitz says the Reyes to Marlins “report” that leaked on Sunday was a lie.
  • Metsblog says the Sandy Alderson and the mets have had discussions with Reyes’s agent.
  • Metszilla reports that the Milwaukee Brewers had a conversation with Reyes as well.
  • Amazin’ Avenue examines the opinion that the Mets should have traded Reyes at the deadline this year.
  • Rising Apple thinks the Mets could offer Reyes a back-loaded contract.
  • Real Dirty wants the Mets to level with the fans: Is this a full-blown rebuild?

The Reyes saga continues.  Follow it on Mets Today.


Blog Roundup: Tuesday

The offseason was off to a quiet start…a little too quiet, if you ask me.  Then, it was announced that the Miami Marlins made an offer to Jose Reyes!  Something exciting to talk about!  Maybe the Marlins will try to lure him to South Beach with their awesome new (rumored) uniforms.

Over to you, Blogs:

  • Metsmerized reports that Miami pursued Reyes as soon as free agent season opened up.
  • Rising Apple is ready to point fingers if Reyes does sign with another team.
  • Adam Rubin, meanwhile, reports that Reyes and Gary Carter will be honored by the Baseball Writers Association on January 21.
  • Mets Fever has heard rumors that Wayne Hagin’s WFAN gig could be in jeopardy.
  • Tedquarters reiterates that David Wright is not going anywhere.
  • Inside Pitch, the baseball blog of the Buffalo News reports that Wally Backman appears to be the new skipper of the Bisons.

The chatter is getting louder and Mets Today is on top of it.


The Pros and Cons of Grady Sizemore

Is Sizemore worth the risk?

Despite their reportedly limited budget, the Mets will not be completely inactive in the free agent market this offseason.  Whether or not they re-sign Jose Reyes, the Mets will have needs to fill.  And while it seems they don’t have the kind of money to be competitive in the Albert Pujols/Prince Fielder sweepstakes, there are bargains to be had.  As with most bargains, however, caveat emptor applies.

Once such bargain is Grady Sizemore.  The 2-time Gold Glove winner became a free agent after the Indians declined his $9MM option for 2012.  Sizemore is beloved in Cleveland, and has been one of the game’s best all-around outfielders since his first full season in 2005.  His 162 game averages are 39 2B, 25 HR, 83 RBI, 24 SB, and an .830 OPS.  And, he’s only 29 years old.  So why did Cleveland decline his option?

Over the past three years, he’s lost 276 games to injury, and has undergone 5 surgeries.

Sizemore, who made $7.7MM last year, played in only 71 games for the Indians.  As a result, he can be had at a bargain price, and if he stays healthy, he will produce on the baseball field.  Wait…that last sentence sounds familiar.  Oh right, I think I read that about Moises Alou, Chris Young, Pedro Martinez, J.J. Putz, Gary Sheffield, and other recent Mets acquisitions.  Do the Mets really need to take another chance on yet another broken down ballplayer?

While in past years, the chances they took were based on poor decision making, this year, they may not have a choice, given their financial situation.  A healthy Sizemore could upgrade their defense in center field, or even right field, if the Mets lose faith in Lucas Duda, and fill the spot at the top of the order if Reyes leaves.

The Mets have an existing option for both of those roles: Angel Pagan.  After an encouraging 2010, Pagan had a rough year all around, highlighted by mental mistakes in the field and on the bases.  But despite some nagging injuries, he has given the Mets over 1,100 plate appearances over the past two seasons.  He will likely win approximately $5MM in arbitration this year, should the Mets choose to grant it.

The general feeling is any current outfield prospect (i.e. Kirk Niewenhuis) in the organization will not be ready for prime time when Spring Training rolls around.  And there are other free agent options, such as Cody Ross and Nate McLouth, but neither of them have the production potential of Sizemore.

If it doesn’t break the bank, it’s worth signing Sizemore – he has enough upside to justify the risk.  In addition, the Mets probably won’t have to pay much more for him than they would pay Pagan.  But they’d better have a backup plan in place in case the risk doesn’t result in reward.



Blog Roundup: Riding Out the World Series

Seeing the Cardinals back in the World Series has reopened old wounds for some Mets fans.  The optimism of 2006 came crashing down in Game 7 of the NLCS.  The subsequent collapses of 2007 and 2008 washed away what remained of the hope created that season.  Meanwhile, the anticipation of the offseason is building.

Blog time:

  • Faith and Fear in Flushing remembers the pain, and says it’s time to let it go.
  • Patrick Flood looks at how Jason Bay would have fared at Shea Stadium last year.  Bonus analysis: Yankees home runs if they played at Petco Park.
  • Daily Stache wonders if Mike Piazza should go into the Hall of Fame as a Met or a Dodger.
  • Metsmerized asks if you’re really ready to see Jose Reyes in another team’s uniform – like maybe a Phillies uniform?
  • Mets Fever says the walls could come crashing down after the World Series.
  • Ropolitans has a still from the latest Stand up to Cancer ad, showing Ron Darling standing up for “My catcher.”

Have a good weekend, and keep checking out Mets Today.