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Blog Roundup: Helicopter Fans

In this day and age of the new media, your favorite ballclub can’t do anything without it being scrutinized.  The fans and the media jumped on Jeff Wilpon, Sandy Alderson, John Ricco, and Terry Collins for taking a helicopter to Miami to watch Jeremy Lin and the Knicks play the Heat.  Perhaps it’s not unworthy of scrutiny considering how deep in the hole that Mets are.  But it’s probably a story that will eventually blow away like so much prop wash.

Time for some Blogsanity:

  • WFAN’s Eddie Coleman took video of the affronting aircraft.
  • Mets cetera comments on what Choppergate means to the struggling team’s image.
  • Metsblog, meanwhile, has a new picture of the construction of the new fence in right-center field at Citi.
  • Adam Rubin reports that the judge presiding over the $386 million clawback lawsuit against Wilpon n’ Family tossed 3 witnesses: one of whom was named John Maine (Not THAT John Maine).
  • MMO profiles infield prospect Danny Muno.
  • Daily Stache begins an early campaign to vote Ike Davis into the All-Star Game.

Check Mets Today early and often for all-star coverage of the Mets.



New Year, New Beginning

With hours to go until the New Year, 2011 is taking its final bows, and 2012 is ready for its debut.  Most people look upon the New Year as chance for a fresh start, a chance to evaluate their lives and set new goals – maybe look for a new job, find a new hobby, or reconnect with family and friends.

For the Mets, it’s definitely time for a change.  This is a baseball team in a shambles.  They are millions of dollars in debt, and have taken loans from Major League Baseball in order to stay afloat.  They lost their star shortstop in free agency to a division rival, and traded two key players during the season.  They’ve done little to build the team during the offseason, except adding a mediocre outfielder and three pretty good relief pitchers.  And if the 2012 season goes as poorly as most predict,


Blog Roundup: Christmas in Metsville

The Mets held their annual Christmas get-together at Citi Field, Bud Selig gave the Mets an early gift, and Ronny Paulino got coal in his stocking.  Daniel Murphy managed to avoid injury while playing Santa, and Fred and Jeff Wilpon were great as the Grinch and his dog – and they didn’t even wear costumes!

And the Blogs are spreading some cheer:

  • Mets Police has some pics from the holiday party, and was live-tweeting the event on-location from Citi.
  • Always Amazin’proposes Hong-Chi Kuo as the man to add some left-handed depth to the Mets’ bullpen.
  • Mets Cetera has the transcript from a revealing interview with Sandy Alderson.
  • Patrick Flood goes through the Mets tender/non-tender moves, and suggests further moves for 2012.
  • Amazin’ Avenue thinks Commissioner Bud Selig has been too soft on the Wilpons.
  • 7 Train to Shea was at the winter meetings, and saw Jose Reyes in a Marlins uniform firsthand.  7 Train to Shea’s therapist rejoices.

The holiday season has just begun, and Mets Today is the gift that keeps on giving.