Quote of the Day: Forbes on the Mets

How can a team valued at $858 million, third on Forbes’ list of major-league franchises behind the Yankees and Red Sox, be so incapable of acquiring any players who could help them make a run in the final two months of the season?

— David Lariviere, “No Excuse For Mets Being Dormant In Trade Market”

The Mets front office has once again succeeded in making the team the laughingstock of professional sports and they have a good portion of the fanbase defending their incompetence. Well done, guys!

  1. Jim Bmore August 4, 2010 at 2:47 pm
    The Mets payroll although high relative to other ball clubs (still behind NYY, BOS, PHI, etc) this yr is not that high for a team that has its own network, is from the biggest city in the world, AND has a fanbase desperate for a playoff run

    24 mil to luis, 36 mil to ollie, CORA GETTING 2MILLION (thats literally disgusting, what skills does he have??) are all wastes of money.
    the mets need a real run to make the playoffs and while ya gotta believe..its hard to see it this yr

    time for a new direction…omar doesnt build a COMPLETE team

    i remember being so excited in ’06..the team..the time..the mets reyes and wright are entering their primes, the mets need to be bold and not waste what may go down as the best player in mets history (dwright) career

  2. Jim Bmore August 4, 2010 at 2:50 pm
    bold such as….minaya out (will the wilpons pay him to not work, doubtful)… manuel out (TERRIBLE in game manager, will probably be made the scapegoat…hojo out (inconsistency is consistent from the offense)…really the whole staff, mgmt…lets get a new voice and vision

    one where guys like cora are hired to be a coach, not a player with a sub .300 OBP but has great “grit” and “leadership”