Wednesday Mets Links

Mets Report – Clayton Caldwell wonders why Jerry Manuel seems to be platooning Josh Thole and Ike Davis.

Mets Gazette – Matthew Blaszka counts down the Top 5 Moments that killed the Mets. The birth of Jeff Wilpon is not listed, so I assume this list is for 2011.

MetsMerized Online – Another Mets fan wants to fire Omar Minaya.

The Daily Stache – Ray Maldonado wonders when the Wilpons will win. Hah! Maybe when Jeff Wilpon stops lying about knowing anything about pro baseball?

OnTheBlack – Kerel Cooper discusses last night’s loss and Johan Santana’s bad luck.

Fire Wayne Hagin Already – Another Hagin-esque Hagin-ism. Definitely worth reading if you like a good, quick laugh.

And here are Ron Darling’s thoughts on Brooklyn Cyclones manager Wally Backman from Playin for Peanuts:

  1. TheDZA August 19, 2010 at 3:09 am
    Speaking of Wally – anyone see that piece over on Amazin Avenue about why Wally may not be the best candidate to take over from Jerry? Joe – you got a quoted.

    That is assuming the Mets do clean house this off season…Huh? Wha…What am I talking about?..geez…

    • Joe Janish August 19, 2010 at 10:36 am
      Yeah that was a really strange article. Usually people spend an entire article arguing for someone they prefer, not who they don’t prefer. (Though, to be fair, there was a vague sentence or two suggesting random names that would be “preferable”, along with a promise of a future article / articles.)

      The argument seemed to be focused on lack of experience. Yet, we all know that Art Howe, Jeff Torborg, Dallas Green, and Jerry Manuel all came in here with tons of experience, so what does that prove?

      I’m looking forward to the follow-up article(s) that presumably will recommend who the Mets should hire, rather than who they shouldn’t hire. Backed up with plenty of statistical support, of course, being that AA is a stat-focused blog. In fact, something that supports the experience argument — maybe a historical comparison of previous experience and W-L records.