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Reyes Activated; Gammons Predicts Prospect Haul

At a time of year when baseball’s contenders add pieces for a title run, the Mets added the league’s batting leader by activating Jose Reyes today. Disabled since July 3rd with a hamstring strain the Met shortstop is leading the league with a .354 Batting Average and 15 triples. He will be in the leadoff spot tonight. To make room for Reyes the Mets optioned Rueben Tejada back to Buffalo.

Peter Gammons appeared on today’s Mike Francesa show and predicted at “least one good prospect” coming back to the Mets in exchange for Carlos Beltran. Stay tuned!


Appreciating Beltran Before He’s Gone

NOTE: This is a post by Kyle Schnitzer. Please direct your comments to him.

“El Esta Aqui, El Esta Aquiii” the little jingle that gets stuck in every Mets fans head after every game. Who knew such a playful tune could have such a powerful meaning. “He is here.”

There is a saying (and a song by Joni Mitchell) that goes, “you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone”. And so it is with Carlos Beltran, one of the most unappreciated players in Mets history.


Why Carlos Beltran Will Get Traded

MetsToday commenter “hart” had this to say in regard to the Carlos Beltran situation:

Surprised how many people seem to be buying into the possibility that Alderson might keep Beltran for a playoff push, whereas it seems pretty clear to me that it’s pure posturing on his part. Ideally, he’ll play several suitors off against each other and enhance what we get in return. I hope it gets done soon, rather than risk some sort of setback.

I have to agree. Sandy Alderson


Where To Shop Carlos Beltran

Sandy Alderson stated very clearly that the trade of K-Rod did not signal any kind of “fire sale” and certainly had no impact on Carlos Beltran‘s situation.

Direct from Sandy:

As I’ve said on occasion, I’d like to see Carlos with us as we continue this run. At some point, the interest already expressed by those clubs will be reaffirmed, and we will have some conversations. I do want to make it clear the Rodriguez trade should not signal anything to anyone about Beltran.

OK, Sandy, we believe you (wink wink). So we’ll just pretend for a few minutes that Beltran is actually on the block, and examine possible landing spots for the switch-hitting slugger — just for fun!


Beltran Ok With Playing in Boston

Carlos Beltran is starting to sound a lot like K-Rod nowadays.

He recently told the Boston Herald of his feelings toward being traded to the Red Sox.

They’re in first place. It’s a no-brainer. Boston is a great team. Like I say man, the Mets know that I have made it clear to them , I’m willing to listen if they want to trade me. All I want to be is on a team that has a chance to go to the playoffs. I know that there are a lot of teams out there having a good season.

I think we all can understand that baseball is a business but where is the loyalty with these players nowadays? Reyes is saying all of the right things as far as his feelings toward staying with the Mets while K-Rod (who is now gone) and Beltran have already put one foot (or shoddy knee) out of the door. K-Rod couldn’t out of New York fast enough — as he made crystal clear — and now Beltran is following suit.


Mets Game 37: Win Over Rockies

Carlos Beltran 6 Mets 9 Rockies 5

If Carlos Beltran hits three homers and no one is there to see them, do they count?

Carlos Beltran strapped the Mets to his back and carried them to victory over the Colorado Rockies, blasting 3 two-run homers.

Ike Davis? David Wright? Who needs ’em?