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Breaking News: K-Rod Ain’t So Tough

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Admit it… you thought K-Rod was cool.

His take-no-prisoners approach to baseball and life really spoke to your sensibilities as a Mets fan. The guy had it all – a shaky delivery, a big contract, a balky ankle, an attitude problem, an anger management issue and boy, was that guy tough. He beat up his coach AND his father-in-law in the same season. He lives the life we can only dream of!

Well, not so much, apparently. Turns out Francisco “K-Rod” Rodriguez is as brittle as an old lady playing in the NFL.

MetsBlog is reporting that K-Rod tore a ligament in his right thumb while he was manhandling an old man. Ouch! Couldn’t have happened to a nicer moron.

Now the Mets don’t have to listen to fans booing their decision to let Rodriguez off lightly with a two-day suspension.

Pretty cool, huh?


Monday Morning Mets Links

Mets Gazette – An interview with MetsBlog’s Michael Baron about managerial candidates for 2011.

MetsMerized Online – Joe Spector points out that the performance – and support of – Omar Minaya and Jeff Wilpon by Fred Wilpon is alot like James Dolan’s infatuation with Isiah Thomas. Although the Mets situation is a bit more complicated because Omar is BFF with the owner’s kid. Nepotism is a helluva drug…

MetsBlog – An interesting infographic on the Mets lack of offense during the last six games. How do you hit .088 with RISP and still win three out of six games? That’s practically a positive!

Mets Report – John Wenk ponders the future of Carlos Beltran. Should he stay or should he go? If he goes there will be trouble, if he stays…

And here is snake oil salesman Omar Minaya talking about the triumphant return of Punch-Rod. Nice signing Omar!


August 13: Friday Mets Links

MetsMerized – The Mets have banished K-Rod to the restricted list. He will never don a Mets uniform ever again… or until Saturday. Whichever comes first.

Mets Gazette – Frank Gray chronicles the Mets seemingly perpetual slide into circus-y irrelevance. Are we there yet?

MetsBlog – Matt Cerrone thinks the Mets can only become relevant again if there is some accountability.

MetsToday – Speaking of accountability, Jeff Wilpon has lied about playing pro ball for 27 years in order to appear qualified for the job he is currently failing at. Amazin!

Daily Stache – There was one big winner when K-Rod was arrested – a Pennsylvania cab driver netted $300.

And here are Johan Santana’s comments on K-Rod and yesterday’s shutout, via ESPN New York:


August 11: Wednesday Mets Links

Mets Gazette – Alex Cora took the high road in an interview with WFAN’s Boomer and Carton. That’s why he will probably end up on a contender. Good luck Alex!

Daily News – Jose Reyes admits to an occasional lapse of concentration in the field.  Shocker!

MetsBlog – Jeff Francoeur is open to being traded. Thanks Jeff. I’m open to being the King of England, unfortunately, nobody over there is interested in my skill set.

The Mets Police – The cover of the 1982 Mets yearbook is, well, depressing.

Long Island Mets Fan – It looks like Pat Misch may take Takahashi’s spot in the rotation.

Mets Report – Gabe Aguilar takes a look at Brooklyn Cyclones manager Wally Backman.

And finally, Kerel Cooper of gives his thoughts on last night’s performance by Mike Pelfrey:


Aug 9, 2010: Monday Mets Links – Bob Klapisch wants Wally Backman to replace Jerry Manuel… immediately.

Mets Gazette – Torre, Melvin or Backman? I’m always amazed how many Mets fans think Joe Torre is a competent manager. The Yankees don’t miss him and his mismanagement of his bullpen and rotation is positively Manuel-esque.

The Daily Stache – Kevin Kearns is unimpressed with the Mets alleged “youth movement” – a “movement” that consists of an overhyped former prospect and a light-hitting middle infielder with a nice glove.

MetsBlog – About that “youth movement”… F-Mart will be platooning with Jeff Francouer, but Francoeur will also play against some righties. In other words, F-Mart is the fourth outfielder, with benefits.

And here is video of OnTheBlack‘s Kerel Cooper answering the age old question, “Should the Mets trade Daniel Murphy?” Trade value? Danny Murphy? Really?


Mets Demote Feliciano, Release Light-Hitting 2B

In order to free up room for the recently promoted Fernando Martinez and Ruben Tejada, the Mets have demoted Jesus Feliciano and released a light-hitting second baseman.

No, not Luis Castillo! Castillo is still owed $12 million over the next two years. Cutting ties with Castillo would be like cutting ties with Oliver Perez! Ridiculous!

Think again… Here’s a hint, the Mets are trying to save money.

The answer is Alex Cora! The de facto leader of the team was only 18 games away from reaching a vested option, so the Mets will save $2 million by sending him packing. Sweet!

So to recap… F-Mart and Tejada are likely to sit on the bench behind Francoeur and Castillo. Ollie Perez is still here. And the light-hitting second baseman who was the only semblance of a leader on this team is gone.

To be fair, the Mets may be working on a deal to ship Castillo and Francoeur out of town (possibly to Seattle?), and that would actually make this a good move because it would free up playing time for F-Mart. Let’s hope so, because as it stands now, it seems like the Wilpons are pinching pennies with no clear direction. Again.


Mets and Mariners Talking Trade?

ESPN New York is reporting that the Mets and Mariners may be close to finalizing a deal that sends prospect Fernando Martinez to Seattle.

It is still not clear who the Mets would get back or if they would be sending additional players, though Luis Castillo is mentioned as another possible piece in the deal.

Two sources — one with ties to the organization, one formerly with the organization — indicated the Seattle Mariners are the team involved in dialogue with the Mets.

One of the sources indicated that 21-year-old outfielder Fernando Martinez, who was one of the two players scratched from the Bisons’ lineup, could be headed to Seattle if a deal materializes.

Meanwhile, RotoWorld is guessing that the Mets could be getting Chone Figgins back as part of the deal.

This is mainly piecing a few things together to try to see what fits at this point. We know that the Mets and Mariners are talking trade. We know the Mariners shopped Figgins before the traded deadline and that he would almost surely clear waivers after the deadline. We know that Fernando Martinez and Ruben Tejada were scratched from their Triple-A lineups without any reason given. Put it all together and we could have a trade brewing. It’s possible Luis Castillo could be involved in the deal, as well. Stay tuned.

UPDATE (11:48am) – MetsBlog is reporting that both Martinez and Tejada will be called up today. No word yet on who will be moved, demoted or released to clear room on the roster.