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Aug 6: Friday Mets Links

MetsGazette – Congratulations to Omar Minaya and Jeff Wilpon, as they will be able to destroy the Mets for another season in 2011. Get your tickets now!

MetsBlog – Jon Heyman says the Mets will be crossing their fingers and hoping the season turns out ok. Good luck with THAT.

The Mets Police – The start time of Lunch Box Day on August 15th has been moved to 8pm because the game will be broadcast on ESPN. Will a Mets lunchbox make me less likely to lose my lunch when I watch the Mets? I hope so…

And here is Kerel Cooper from OnTheBlack, giving his thoughts on trading David Wright and Jose Reyes:


Aug 5: Thursday Morning Mets Links

MetsBlog – Matt Cerrone is tired of the Mets lackluster play.

MetsGazette – Frank Gray imagines what it might sound like if Jerry Manuel called a team meeting to address the team’s lack of intensity.

The Mets Police – TMP has tracked down the “rolling arms” lady from Shea Stadium. And, predictably, she is decked out in Mets gear.

MetsMerizedOnline – How long can we expect David Wright to put up with crappy ownership and losing teams before he skips town?

Brooklyn Met Fan – BMF thinks the Mets might be a bunch of losers. Is there such a thing as Trickle Down Losernomics? Because this mess starts at the top…


Is R.A. Dickey a Superhero?

Warning: If you haven’t seen the movie Unbreakable, just skip this post. There will be spoilers and you probably won’t understand half of it anyway. Or you can brush up on the film’s plot by reading Wikipedia.

Like most of you, I’ve enjoyed watching R.A. Dickey all season. Dickey’s emergence seems like a great “feel good” story – a nice little anecdote with an expiration date. We all love to ride the wave of an unexpected hero’s story, but the magic ultimately fades and we’re on to the next storyline (see also: Fernando Tatis, Daniel Murphy, Aaron Heilman, Nelson Figueroa, etc.)

But somehow, Dickey’s story always seemed more compelling than all that. During last night’s game, the skies opened up and it started pouring. Suddenly, it all made sense… Dickey’s emergence isn’t a “feel good” story at all. It’s a classic superhero story.

R.A. Dickey, Unbreakable and Weakness

In the movie Unbreakable, Bruce Willis plays David Dunn – a nice guy with some flaws and no direction in his life. His life is not unlike a journeyman pitcher.

Through a series of events, Dunn discovers he possesses super powers. He starts to put his powers to good use, but he quickly learns that he has one glaring weakness – he’s basically allergic to water. And by allergic, I mean, the guy could drown in a puddle.

Last night’s game was a typical R.A. Dickey affair, until it started raining. As soon as the skies opened up, Dickey couldn’t get a grip on his knuckleball. He managed to come out of it, like all superheroes do, but it got pretty scary.

Weakness is what ties a superhero’s journey to the common man. With a weakness, we are suddenly sympathetic to the hero because he is just like us – vulnerable and powerless – albeit for a moment. Without a weakness, the superhero is all powerful and cannot lose. It would be like rooting for Albert Pujols to hit a home run on the moon. Where’s the fun in that?

Unbreakable basically takes the standard superhero mythos and updates it for current times. Most superheroes have a split identity and a glaring weakness – Superman is probably the best known example (Clark Kent/Kryptonite).

R.A. Dickey and The Superhero Mythos

So R.A. Dickey possesses a magical knuckleball, but he loses his superpower in the presence of water. Just like David Dunn in Unbreakable.

Still not convinced? Let’s take a look at Wikipedia’s common traits for a good superhero story:

  • Extraordinary powers (knuckleball)
  • Secret Identity (R.A. Dickey is short for Robert Alan Dickey. Not too creative, but it still works )
  • Distinctive costume (Mets uniform)
  • Supporting cast of recurring characters (Frenchy, Jose, David “Boy Wonder” Wright, Angel Pagan, K-Rod, The Animal)
  • A number of enemies that he fights repeatedly (opposing teams)
  • Headquarters (Citi Field)
  • A backstory that explains the circumstances that led to the acquisition or discovery of his special powers. (Let’s see, he was born without a ulnar collateral ligament and he was a journeyman pitcher until he discovered the knuckleball.)

So there you have it. R.A. Dickey is a superhero.


Quote of the Day: Forbes on the Mets

How can a team valued at $858 million, third on Forbes’ list of major-league franchises behind the Yankees and Red Sox, be so incapable of acquiring any players who could help them make a run in the final two months of the season?

— David Lariviere, “No Excuse For Mets Being Dormant In Trade Market”

The Mets front office has once again succeeded in making the team the laughingstock of professional sports and they have a good portion of the fanbase defending their incompetence. Well done, guys!


Aug 4: Wednesday Morning Mets Links

Mets Gazette – Tom Greenhalgh thinks the Mets should have named Jeff Wilpon’s treehouse their new ballpark after Bob Murphy. Agreed… Or maybe Gil Hodges?

The Daily Stache – Aaron Yorke says the big picture remains unchanged, despite Jeff Francoeur’s game-winning home run. Agreed… unfortunately.

Mets 360 – Brian Joura thinks the Mets poor record in one-run games is an indictment of the manager, not the team.

MetsMerized – Joe Spector challenges the Wilpons to be more forthcoming with their customers fans. This one is a few days old, but still worth a read. Sorry I missed it when it was posted.

And via ESPN NY, here are Jeff Francoeur’s postgame comments:


Beer, Baseball & Backman (MurphGuide Night!)

If you like drinking beer and watching the Mets win, your options are limited. Since the Mets are a complete disaster, the only way to do that would be to watch former Mets 2B Wally Backman and his first-place Brooklyn Cyclones.

And that’s where MurphGuide comes in:

Friday, August 6, 2010

MurphGuide Night in Coney Island

$30 per person includes:
Game ticket, pre-game tailgate party, a souvenir Brooklyn Cyclones cap and post game live music (Click here to buy tickets)

Pre-game tailgate at Peggy O’Neill’s: price includes bottled beer, hot dogs, hamburgers from 6-7pm

The Game: 1 ticket to Coney Island Cyclones Game (Brooklyn Cyclones vs. Batavia Muckdogs)
game time: 7pm

fireworks on the boardwalk

Post-game party:
with live music at Peggy O’Neill’s

Click here to buy your tickets

Note: Sean Murphy from MurphGuide is a frequent commenter at MetsToday. Besides, his website is a must for anyone looking for a party in NYC. God bless him.


Aug 3: Tuesday Mets Links

The Mets Police – Shannon Shark wonders why Tom Seaver wasn’t on hand for Sunday’s HOF induction.

MetsBlog – Only four current players shook hands with Mets HOF inductees. Not surprisingly, those four players were David Wright, Angel Pagan, Ike Davis and Jeff Francoeur. I’m kind of surprised Alex Cora and Mike Pelfrey weren’t there, oh well… Maybe they were hanging out with Tom Seaver.

Mets Gazette – A Q&A with MetsBlog’s Matt Cerrone.

Read the Apple – The Mets will begin charging admission to their own press conferences. Only $14.95 for the bronze level? What a deal! (Note: It’s satire)

And here is the latest from Kerel Cooper of OnTheBlack:


Mets Meaningful Number – 19

The Mets Meaningful Number – the number of games they probably need to win in order to reasonably considered part of the wildcard race on September 1 – is still stuck at 19.

For those that missed the initial posts on the MMN, here is the methodology:

Step 1 – Take the number of games remaining before September 1 and multiply by the winning percentage of the current wildcard leader.

27 x .575 = 15.52

Step 2 – Take the number of games out of the wildcard lead and subtract 5.

7.5 – 5 = 2.5

Step 3 – Add the results of Step 1 and 2

15.52 + 2.5 = 18.02

Step 4 – Take the result from Step 3 and round up

18.02 = 19

So assuming the wildcard leader will play at a .575 clip between now and September, the Mets will have to go 19-8 during that time to remain within five games of the wildcard lead. Hopefully, they can lower the number to 18 so I can Photoshop the number 18 onto a different photo of Funkmaster Fred.

Let’s go Meaningful Mets!