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Aug 2: Monday Mets Links (Let’s Try to Be Optimistic Edition)

MetsGazette – Despite yesterday’s drubbing at the hands of Arizona, Tom Greenhalgh is optimistic.

MetsMerizedOnline – Ten reasons why the Mets were right to do nothing at the trade deadline.

The Daily Stache – Aaron Yorke says the Mets HOF induction ceremony was not ruined by the team’s embarrassing loss.

ESPN NY – A preview of the upcoming series against the Braves.

And here is the latest from Playing for Peanuts, featuring another Wally Backman team meeting.

This is NSFW, but mild for Wally Backman:

From the video description:

South Georgia Peanuts manager Wally Backman holds a team meeting to announce that the coaching staff is no longer speaking to local newspaper reporters and he would like his team to do the same. The local newspaper had accused Backman of staging his ejection from a game as a publicity stunt for the South Coast League and the TV show Playing for Peanuts.


July 30: Friday Mets Links (Wilmer Flores Edition)

The Daily Stache – The Mets seem to be shying away from making any moves as the trade deadline approaches.

OnTheBlack – Kerel Cooper shares his favorite Strawberry/Gooden memories.

Mack’s Mets – The Brooklyn Cyclones won again last night, thanks in part to a 9th inning suicide squeeze. The Cyclones now have a five-game lead on the second-place Staten Island Yankees.

MetsBlog – Matt Cerrone quotes Mike Newman from Scouting the Sally on Wilmer Flores’ potential as a hitter. I have to say I agree with Newman – Flores’ swing is somewhat underwhelming. But mechanics can be taught and improved – especially if Flores has the God-given talent to work with.

Check out the videos below. Hopefully, Joe can chime in on this topic:


July 29: Thursday Mets Links and Open Thread

MetsBlog – Apparently, Jerry Manuel opted to pitch to Pujols last night because Pujols had no hits in the game. Yeah, except for the two hits he had earlier in the game… but those don’t count, right? Way to go Jerry!

NY Post – The Mets faked interest in Cliff Lee, Roy Oswalt and Dan Haren. And now it looks like they have no intention or shot at acquiring Ted Lilly. To be fair though, they do seem hellbent on bringing quasi-racist female boxer Brett Myers into the fold, proving once again that Omar Minaya and Jeff Wilpon really know what they’re doing. Unfortunately for Omar and Jeff, the Astros seem to be holding on to Myers.

Fire Wayne Hagin – No news here, but an absolutely fantastic blog dedicated to getting Wayne Hagin fired. Hey, if Wayne is fired can somebody PLEASE allow Howie Rose to call games by himself, a la Vin Scully? Howie might be the only announcer left that can do that. Hell, he practically calls the game himself as it stands now. It’s not like Hagin is adding the perspective of a former player – unless you count Hagin’s high school career.

And here’s the latest from Kerel Cooper, who was on the field yesterday during batting practice, along with several other Mets bloggers:


The Mets (51-50) take on the Cardinals (56-45) in the rubber game of a three-game series. R.A. Dickey (6-4, 2.55) will face Blake Hawksworth (4-6, 5.23). First pitch is at 12:10pm EST.


July 28: Afternoon Mets Links and Open Thread

MetsGazette – Tom Greenhalgh says the Mets will have to go 42-20 to win the division.

MetsLifer – Dave at MetsLifer thinks the Mets need another starting pitcher, but he’s convinced they won’t acquire one.

MetsMerizedOnline – Joe D wishes the Mets were motivated by winning and not by ticket sales. Has anyone else noticed that the Mets seem to make one big ticket acquisition every off-season since Omar took over? Just one… just enough to keep us interested.

MLB Trade Rumors – MLBTR is reporting that the Mets are seeking a reliever who is “overpriced” and “underperforming.” Is this bizarro world? – Bill Pulsipher just signed with the Somerset Patriots of the Atlantic League. Neither here nor there… But still somewhat interesting, to me, at least.


The Mets (51-49) look to make in two wins in a row against the St. Louis Cardinals (55-45). Johan Santana (8-5, 2.79) will face Jaime Garcia (9-4, 2.21).


Mets Meaningful Number – 19

According to the formula we used yesterday, the Mets Meaningful Number still stands at 19. The number is closer to 18 than 19, but we are going to round that number up, since it’s not possible to win .05 games. In short, progress was made last night, but more will have to be made to push the number to 18.

The Mets are currently tied with Colorado for fifth place in the wildcard race, 5.5 games behind San Francisco.


July 28: Morning Mets Links

Wall Street Journal – The WSJ analyzes the perpetual disconnect between Mets fans and team management, including a quote from MetsToday’s Joe Janish.

Mets Gazette – Would you rather the Mets make a playoff run or go on a losing streak that results in a major housecleaning? – Bob Klapisch thinks Wally Backman could be the Mets savior.

MetsMerizedOnline – Brett Myers threw a gem last night, striking out 12 in a complete game victory. I feel like I’m watching a car crash unfold in front of me in slow motion.

MetsBlog – Jason Bay will be reevaluated in 2-3 days and a DL stint is possible.

New York Times – Tickets are still available for Sunday’s HOF Cash Grab (via The Mets Police).

And here’s Kerel Cooper from, sharing his thoughts on Angel Pagan:


Mets Meaningful Number: 19

With the Mets in a tailspin and the postseason slipping out of reach, let’s take a look at what it will take for the team to play “meaningful games in September.”

By no means is this the definitive way to figure out the “meaningful” number. Consider it a jumping off point for the more statistically-inclined among us to calculate what it will take to achieve Fred Wilpon’s version of success.

For the purposes of this post, we’ll assume that the Mets would need to be within five games of the wildcard on September 1, in order for their games to still be meaningful in the eyes of ownership.

Step 1 – Take the number of games remaining before September 1 and multiply by the winning percentage of the current wildcard leader.

33 x .560 = 18.48

Step 2 – Take the number of games out of the wildcard lead and subtract 5.

5 – 5 = 0

Step 3 – Add the results of Step 1 and 2

18.48 + 0 = 18.48

Step 4 – Take the result from Step 3 and round up

18.48 = 19

So assuming the wildcard leader will play at a .560 clip between now and September, the Mets will have to go 19-14 during that time to remain within five games of the wildcard lead.

The Mets meaningful number currently stands at 19.

Have a better way to calculate the Meaningful Number? Share it in the comments section.