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Jason At Bay For Two More Weeks

According to Sandy Alderson, Jason Bay is unlikely to return to the Mets before April 26th.

This news completely conflicts with manager Terry Collins’ suggestion earlier this week that Bay would return this weekend “in a perfect world”.

Well, in a “perfect world”, the Mets wouldn’t be languishing in last place, either.

I’m not sure what prompted Collins to make that comment — even if it was empty and ambiguous — but it sure smells similar to the disconnect between the front office and field manager of the previous regime.

Am I picking a fight here? Maybe. But there isn’t much else to talk about right now without bringing up the fact that the Mets stink have been disappointing of late. So perhaps I’m trying to divert the attention away from the on-field ineptitude.

In related news, Ronny Paulino is expected to return around the same date — which is in line with his status on the 15-day disabled list as of April 10th. Per Alderson:


Jason Bay is on the 15-Day DL

Not a surprise, but it’s official: Jason Bay has been placed on the 15-day DL, retroactive to March 25.

Bad news for Jason, but not necessarily bad news for the Mets. For all we know, Lucas Duda may step in and prove to be a monster with this opportunity. Plus, Bay has been the man of a thousand stances all spring, struggling to find a consistent approach and swing. Maybe a week off from swinging and tinkering is the best thing for Bay right now.


Boyer In, Acosta Out, Bay To DL?

Contrary to reports from last night, Manny Acosta will NOT make the Mets’ Opening Day roster — he has been designated for assignment — and Blaine Boyer WILL be the final piece to the bullpen puzzle.

Personally, I agree with Matt Himelfarb, in that there isn’t all that much difference between Acosta and Boyer. Though, Boyer is “new” and “different” so maybe that makes him better in our minds.

To me, Acosta was similar to Jorge Sosa: someone who could throw really hard and get swings and misses, be effective for a short term, but inevitably get pounded and give up the long ball because he throws one speed and tends to get too much of the plate at too high a location. Acosta could change leagues and look awesome for a month, but eventually go back to being the guy he is — but because he looked lights out for a little while, the team might kid itself into believing he can do it again, and thus be continually put into situations to fail.

In other news, Adam Rubin is reporting that Jason Bay is injured and could be headed for the DL. Before you say “hooray, Nick Evans makes the team!”, you must understand that because Evans is already on waivers, he can’t be added to the 25-man roster. Thus, Lucas Duda (who has options remaining) is likely to make the team instead.

Is it me or does this roster mismanagement remind you of a previous regime?

Also, as Matt Cerrone points out,

… this could mean that, on days when Carlos Beltran gets a day off, the outfield will be Duda, Angel Pagan and Willie Harris. What just happened?

Though, Andy McCullough reports (via Twitter) that there’s a possibility Evans clears waivers this afternoon, in which case he could be added back to the roster to take Bay’s place.

Is your head spinning yet?