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2011 Analysis: Ronny Paulino

For a while, it was questionable whether Ronny Paulino would ever get going in a Mets uniform, and what kind of contribution he’d make. Visa issues kept him out of Port St. Lucie until Mid-March, and when he finally arrived, manager Terry Collins announced he’d be Josh Thole‘s backup. Not long after he arrived in spring training, Paulino was diagnosed with anemia, further setting him back — and then there was the remainder of his PEDs suspension to serve.

Despite these multiple issues that prevented Paulino from properly preparing for the 2011 season, things turned out OK.


Who Will Pitch and Catch On Sunday?

Going by the regular order of the Mets’ 5-man starting rotation, it will be knuckleballer R.A. Dickey’s turn to take the mound for Sunday’s ballgame against the Dodgers. Generally speaking, Josh Thole has been R.A.’s unofficial personal catcher — so the battery would tentatively be Dickey and Thole. However, there is some discussion that could change before tomorrow.


Mets Game 28: Win Over Phillies

Mets 2 Phillies 1

United States Special Forces, executing a CIA operation, shot Osama Bin Laden and took possession of his dead body. Though this doesn’t signify the end of terrorism nor the defeat of Al-Qaeda, it is a welcome turn of events and a symbol of victory for many of us.

In other news, the Mets and Phillies engaged in comparatively meaningless ballgame.


Ronny Paulino Up, Mike Nickeas Down

According to the Mets PR Department, Ronny Paulino has been promoted from AAA Buffalo and activated from the disabled list. Paulino is available to play in tonight’s ballgame against the Phillies. He will wear uniform #9.

To make room on the roster for Paulino, catcher Mike Nickeas has been demoted to Buffalo.

I’m kind of sad to see Nickeas go down. I know Joe didn’t love his form behind the plate but he seemed to do a great job of working with the pitchers and calling games. One has to wonder, for example, if Chris Capuano might have pitched better last night if Nickeas was catching instead of Josh Thole.

Toward that same end, it’s going to take Paulino a while to build a rapport with the Mets pitching staff. I’m sure Joe will comment on that in more detail in a future post. Otherwise, I’m anxious to see what Paulino can do with the bat against lefties.


Jason At Bay For Two More Weeks

According to Sandy Alderson, Jason Bay is unlikely to return to the Mets before April 26th.

This news completely conflicts with manager Terry Collins’ suggestion earlier this week that Bay would return this weekend “in a perfect world”.

Well, in a “perfect world”, the Mets wouldn’t be languishing in last place, either.

I’m not sure what prompted Collins to make that comment — even if it was empty and ambiguous — but it sure smells similar to the disconnect between the front office and field manager of the previous regime.

Am I picking a fight here? Maybe. But there isn’t much else to talk about right now without bringing up the fact that the Mets stink have been disappointing of late. So perhaps I’m trying to divert the attention away from the on-field ineptitude.

In related news, Ronny Paulino is expected to return around the same date — which is in line with his status on the 15-day disabled list as of April 10th. Per Alderson: