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Mets Game 15: Loss to Giants

Giants 6 Mets 1

The weather conditions were reminiscent of those that might be experienced during an early season game at old Candlestick Park — cold, wet, windy. And as was often the case in those San Francisco games of yesteryear, the Giants beat the Mets.


2011 Analysis: Miguel Batista

Once the Mets reached September and the meaningless games part of their schedule, the pitching staff — and the rotation in particular — was worn out and losing members due to one malady or another. It might have been a good opportunity for the Mets to audition young arms who showed potential. Instead, the best they could pull from their minor league system was 40-year-old Miguel Batista.

Many factors played into this curious decision. First, there was the fact that the Mets had very few, if any, youngsters who a) showed promise; b) were close enough to MLB to consider adding to the 40-man roster; c) genuinely earned a promotion; and d) hadn’t already met their innings limit for the season. And so fans were treated to what might have been the final nine appearances of Batista’s 17-year MLB career.

As it turned out, the poet and novel writer provided workmanlike appearances — and gave the Mets a valid chance to win in all four of his starts. While it might have been nicer to see a 22-year-old flamethrower making his MLB debut in September, watching Batista retire MLB hitters purely on guile was entertaining.

Side note: Batista started the 2011 season with the Cardinals; if things had worked out differently he might still be competing right now.

2012 Projection

Though I haven’t seen anything about Batista retiring, it seemed that he was leaning that way. If he does decide to give it another year, I don’t see the Mets signing him — though, at the same time, I wouldn’t be opposed to a minor-league deal and an invite to spring training. As well as he pitched in September, there are things about that month you just can’t trust — otherwise, Pat Misch would have made 90 starts for the Mets over the past three years.