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Link Roundup: Now with 20% More Deer Antler Spray

I call him "Rob."

I call him “Rob.”

More PED news impacted Major League Baseball this week, as several players were linked to a dodgy anti-aging clinic in Miami.  Among the players were OF Nelson Cruz, LHP Gio Gonzalez, 3B Alex Rodriguez, OF Melky Cabrera, and RHP Bartolo Colon.  A-Rod, Cabrera, and Colon have all been linked to/suspended for using PEDs in the past, so this isn’t much of a surprise.  But Cruz and Gonzalez are under suspicion for the first time.  Naturally, they issued denials, but it’s so hard not to be skeptical if you are a baseball fan these days.

The good news is, they are under investigation.  The bad news is, PED use is still happening.  Perhaps stiffer penalties are the answer, as Matt Holiday suggested.

Contrary to popular belief, PED use happens in other sports, as evidenced by the alleged use of deer antler spray by Ray Lewis.  If true, that would explain why he came back from his injury so soon, and why he always freezes when he sees headlights.  The media is actually paying attention to this story, but he’ll eventually get a pass (no pun intended), as most NFL players do.

Even golfer Vijay Singh is facing PED accusations!

Sandy Alderson didn’t need PEDs when he talked to season ticket holders on Wednesday night.  During this time he said, “The reason we haven’t spent the money is not because of Fred Wilpon,” he said. “It’s because of me.”  I wonder how much he’s getting paid to throw himself under the bus?  In this blogger’s opinion, he’s covering for the Wilpons, whose ongoing financial catastrophe has been well documented.

In other news, Wilmer Flores had a breakout season in 2012, but where will he ultimately end up in the field?

Bloggers are still buzzing about Banner Day, which has now been moved to May 11, Mike Piazza, and the World Baseball Classic.  Here’s a nice take on all of these subjects by Kerel Cooper.

Pitchers and catchers report in only 12 days, and hope will spring eternal once again.



Link Roundup: Banner Day and Matt Harvey

Banner Day

As you may have heard, the game on May 26th was moved to 8 PM to accommodate ESPN’s broadcast.  May 26th is Banner Day.  Many fans felt passionate that Banner Day should be a day game, as is tradition.  And the Mets have listened.  They’re giving you, the fan, a chance to vote on what date Banner Day should now take place.  Should it remain on the 26th, or be moved to another date, like the 11th?

Looking ahead to the season, one positive we have to look forward to is the continued development of RHP Matt Harvey.  He clearly has the raw stuff, mechanics, and makeup to be a number one or two starter, but the proof is in the pudding.  Harvey will have to be more consistent with his command to maintain success at the major league level.

Harvey has qualified for Sports Illustrated’s “Verducci Effect” list in 2013, however.  It’s a system of analysis that SI writer Tom Verducci took largely from former Mets pitching coach Rick Peterson.  How legitimate is the Verducci Effect?  In recent years, some people feel it’s been largely unreliable.

The Mets signed ol’ reliable Pedro Feliciano to a minor league contract.  You got any complaints about that?

Finally, looking back at Mets history, Rising Apple pays a nice tribute to Tommie Agee.


Blog Roundup: Catching Up

Due to long holiday weekends, productive work days, and life in general occupying my time, I haven’t had a chance to post a blog roundup (or as it is also affectionately known: “link dump”) in a while.  So, I have some catching up to do.  Here are some recent and not-so-recent-but-cool links for you this morning.

To the Blogs!

  • Faith and Fear’s Greg Prince wrote a terrific article in the NY Times about the return of Banner Day.
  • Daily Stache wondered last week if Jeremy Hefner is the real deal.  He pitched well last night, but the jury’s still out.
  • Kerel Cooper speculates whether Ike Davis will finish the season with a batting average over or under .230.
  • Mets Police has a recap of Banner Day: The Return, including a cool first-person video of the Banner Day parade.
  • Amazin’ Avenue writes about the difficult journey of the “Greatest Bison,” Frank Grant, who endured the racism of the times during his trek through pro ball in the late 1800s. (NSFW language)
  • Real Dirty breaks down the few who may represent the boys from Flushing in this year’s All-Star Game.
  • Metsblog has a video of Sandy Alderson talking about the state of the team.
  • Metszilla examines the state of Mets hitting

The state of Mets Today remains strong.  Stay tuned for more updates, analyses, post game recaps…and oh yeah, lots of links.