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Can Craig Hansen Get the Monkey Off His Back?

Craig Hansen was chosen with the 26th overall pick of the June 2005 draft by Boston Red Sox, and made his MLB debut less than three months later, smack in the middle of a heated pennant race. Hansen was not the best prospect in the draft, but was considered by many to be among the […]

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2009 Analysis: Anderson Hernandez

It’s hard to believe that Anderson Hernandez was the Mets’ starting second baseman on Opening Day 2006. Harder to believe that his stock sunk so far that he was traded for Luis Ayala at the tail end of 2008. And yet even more difficult to believe the Mets were so desperate for a middle infielder […]

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2009 Analysis: Nick Evans

An October 4th article by Ben Shpigel penned the morning before game 162 succinctly summed up Nick Evans’ season:

2009 Mets Evaluations

2009 Analysis: Carlos Delgado

Immediately after Johan Santana was acquired in February 2008, I made the bold statement that the “key” to the Mets’ season would be Carlos Delgado. Since the Mets started winning when Delgado began heating up, it seemed to me that the big man’s bat and health would be the key again in 2009. Maybe it […]

2009 Mets Evaluations

2009 Analysis: Alex Cora

There were points in 2009 that Alex Cora was considered the glue of the team. You might look at that in one of two different ways — either Cora is that great a ballplayer, or the ballclub sunk that low. Cora was — for stretches — a very good ballplayer. Almost immediately after Jose Reyes […]

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2009 Analysis: Luis Castillo

Except for that one matter of a dropped popup in the bottom of the ninth inning of a Yankees game, Luis Castillo played as well as anyone could have expected — and far beyond the expectations of most Mets fans. Anyone who was reading MetsToday back in early April might remember my “Wild Mets Predictions“. […]

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Five Reasons Mets Fans Should Root for the Phillies

It’s a Mets fan’s worst nightmare: Phillies vs. Yankees in the World Series. Many will simply avoid the Fall Classic altogether. The rest will begrudgingly watch — but it’s darn near impossible to invest yourself in a ballgame without pulling for one of the teams. Which to choose? Simple: the Phillies. Here’s why:

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2009 Analysis: Josh Thole

Josh Thole made the improbable jump from A-ball in 2008 to MLB in 2009 — making a pit-stop in AA Binghamton in between. After hitting .321 in his 17-game September debut, and delighting fans with his youth, energy, and choked-up line drives, there’s at least a little buzz pushing for Thole to assume the starting […]

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2009 Analysis: Brian Schneider

There was a time that Brian Schneider was an agile receiver with a great glove, strong arm, and the added bonus of some pop in his bat. In fact I can remember when Omar Minaya was GM of the Expos, and he supposedly spent every winter turning down offers for his young and promising backstop. […]

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2009 Analysis: Omir Santos

It’s safe to say that Omir Santos exceeded expectations in 2009. Santos was signed as a minor league free agent in mid-January, an under-the-radar move lost among announcements such as Casey Fossum, Bobby Kielty, and Valerio de Los Santos — not unlike a similar transaction that brought Ramon Castro to New York in the winter […]

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Will Holliday or Bay Affect Francoeur?

The Matt Holliday / Jason Bay buzz is heating up, with the latest news that the Red Sox will not attempt to re-sign Bay but may go after Adrian Gonzalez instead. Further, word from San Francisco is that the Giants don’t have the ducats to pursue either of the free-agent outfielders — which if true […]

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Why and How the Mets Should Trade for Roy Halladay

(NOTE: this article is by MetsToday contributing writer and resident stathead Matt Himelfarb — be kind, and keep an open mind) Rumors of the Dodgers recent financial troubles due to the McCourts’ nasty split should be welcome news to the Mets. The only other potential Roy Halladay suitors that could fairly compensate baseball’s best pitcher […]

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2009 Analysis: Darren O’Day

Hey! Darren O’Day wasn’t on the team by Game 162 — in fact he was gone before the end of April. So what the heck is he doing as part of the 2009 analysis? It’s a sore spot, that’s why — and O’Day’s brief tenure as a New York Met is a symbol of the […]

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Beltran to Boston?

The buzz from the Boston Herald is that the Red Sox might consider calling the Mets about Carlos Beltran this winter, in the event that Jason Bay is not re-signed. (Hat tip to Ed at MetsFever) Note I stated “buzz” — not “rumor”, nor “report”. It’s pure speculation by the Herald’s columnist Michael Silverman. Still, […]

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2009 Analysis: Tobi Stoner

The photo to the left sort of sums up the season for Tobi Stoner, one that seemed destined for a storybook ending, but somehow fell short. You might say it was … upended. Stoner began his journey to the big leagues in Lanstuhl, Germany — though, it quickly transferred to a small town in western […]

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