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Transcript to the Unaired SNY Mets Weekly Segment: “Regrets”

NOTE: this is a work of FICTION by Corey Gorey. His “Page Two Tuesday” was moved back to Thursday due to inclement weather. After a lengthy debate during a recent production meeting at SNY, a segment recorded and edited for the Mets Weekly program was deemed objectionable by executives and subsequently shelved by the network. […]

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Wild Card Wednesday: Who are You Rooting For?

As a Mets fan, yesterday was … hmm … bittersweet? Sweet in that Jose Reyes won the batting title, and, though not “sweet”, it was somewhat relieving that this morbid season is over and we as fans can think about a fresh start in 2012. Bitter, of course, because there is no more baseball until […]

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Mets Game 162: Win Over Reds

Mets 3 Reds 0 Miguel Batista closes out 50 years of Mets baseball in Nelson Figueroa -like fashion, spinning a two-hit, complete game shutout.

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Mets Game 161: Loss to Reds

Reds 5 Mets 4 Strange … nowhere in the Mets media guide, nor in the scorebook, nor on the website does it say “September 27: Jose Reyes Day”. Yet clearly, this was his day. Yet it wasn’t, because the Mets lost. Which was remarkable, considering that Reds manager Dusty Baker didn’t care much about […]

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Should Mets Pitchers Protect David Wright?

Over the last few weeks I noticed opposing pitchers throwing pitches up and in to David Wright. To me it appears as though a purposeful strategy, based on scouting reports that perceive Wright to still have the Matt Cain beaning in the back of his mind. I thought maybe it was just me being my […]

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Nationals Clinch Third Place

It’s not as dramatic as clinching first place or a playoff spot, but in the world of the Mets fan, where meaningless games in September are our entertainment, little things like the once-lowly Nationals finish ahead of our favorites from Flushing are important to us. And it’s official: by rallying in the late innings for […]

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Mets Game 160: Loss to Reds

Reds 6 Mets 5 A tough loss for the Mets, but they did go down fighting and they are guaranteed not to finish in last place.

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Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Shea Stadium

Mets Today has always been a fan of tales of Mets nostalgia. It’s been nearly three years since the last game was played at Shea Stadium, thus ending a thirty-four year era of fastballs, scorecards and silhouetted baseball players bathed in neon as night fell on the stadium. Too often during its waning days as […]

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One Reason Not to Root for Jose Reyes in Batting Title Race

Let’s get one thing crystal-clear: Jose Reyes is one of my favorite MLB players. There are few other current MLBers who I would prefer to watch if given the choice. That said, I’m thrilled he has a chance to become the first-ever New York Met to win a National League batting title — he’s currently […]

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Mets Game 159: Phillies

Phillies 9 Mets 4 The Mets altered their role of “spoiler”, by spoiling the Phillies’ bid for a 9-game losing streak.

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Mets Game 158: Win Over Phillies

Mets 6 Phillies 3 Imagine your team losing eight straight, including getting swept in a doubleheader, and you not in the least bit concerned — because your team is two games away from 100 victories on the season? Must be nice.

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Mets Game 157: Win Over Phillies

Mets 2 Phillies 1 A huge win for the New York Mets, who pull to within 23 games of first place and one game closer to third with five left to play. If only Bud Selig would consider extending the season by another 30 games, the Mets would still be in it. Enough of the […]

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Blog Roundup: Spoiler Edition

On Thursday, the Mets did to the Cardinals what losing teams did to the Mets in 2007 and 2008: played spoiler.  And in dramatic fashion, putting up a 6-spot in the top of the ninth.  Bobby Parnell pitched a 1-2-3 bottom half to earn the save.  It’s nice to see that this team doesn’t roll […]

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Mets Game 156: Win Over Cardinals

Mets 8 Cardinals 6 It took 156 games, but finally, the Mets accomplished THE MOST UNLIKELY VICTORY OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!!!! (So said Gary Cohen.) I would not want to be in the home-team clubhouse with Tony LaRussa after this ballgame. I might prefer Chinese water torture, or peeling off my fingernails with a pair of […]

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Today’s Mets Lineup vs. Cardinals

Here is the lineup the Mets send to bat against Cardinals pitcher Jake Westbrook: Jose Reyes – SS Ruben Tejada – 2B Angel Pagan – CF David Wright – 3B Willie Harris – LF Nick Evans – 1B Josh Thole – C Mike Baxter – RF Chris Capuano – P Willie Harris is rewarded for […]