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Mets Opening Day 2013 25-man Roster

Buona Pasqua! Here they are, your 2013 New York Mets (for now):

2013 Spring Training

West Side Story Drama Erupts in Mets Minor League Camp

Earlier this week, uber-phenom Zack Wheeler and slugging prospect Aderlin Rodriguez engaged in an on-field altercation that escalated into an off-field, ethnically divisive war. Said a person with knowledge close to the situation, “Zack knows that when you’re a Met you’re a Met all the way from your first cigarette to your last dying day.” […]

2013 Spring Training

The Thing That Caused Johan Santana’s Shoulder Re-injury

How did Johan Santana re-tear his shoulder capsule? Was it the 134-pitch no-hitter? Was it that “voluntary bullpen session” aimed at silencing suggestions that he wasn’t in shape? Was it related to a mistake in his surgery? Was it something mysterious, that couldn’t possibly be explained? Could this re-injury have been prevented? No, no, no, […]

2013 Spring Training

Santana Re-Tears Anterior Capsule

Johan Santana has re-injured his left anterior capsule, and may be lost for the season. After what seemed like a major success story when Santana came back after shoulder surgery to repair the torn capsule last year, the tear has recurred, putting Johan back on the shelf. “A second surgery is a strong possibility,” general […]

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Why Not Manny Ramirez?

Wow, I almost went through an entire spring training without suggesting that the Mets consider Manny Ramirez. That was a close one!

2013 Spring Training

Link Roundup: Getting Ready for the Season

Practice baseball is almost over, and Opening Day is coming up on April 1st (no foolin’). Several projections and previews are in, but we’ll never know what happens until the games are played, no?  My favorite projection is this one by Sports Illustrated for its even-handedness.  Also for this intriguing quote by a scout which […]

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Yankees Acquire Dance Fever Host

I had no idea Deney Terrio could pitch, too! Oh wait, the kid’s name is Dan Otero. As Roseann Roseannadanna would say, “Never mind.” (Hmm … dating myself much?) Though, if you don’t know how to disco, maybe this can help …

2013 Spring Training

Should Mets Acquire Ezequiel Carrera?

A few days ago we wondered if the Mets might look to improve their depth in center field, and suggested Ezequiel Carrera as a possibility. Well, Carrera has been DFA’d by the Indians — should the Mets pick up the 25-year-old speedster? Why or why not?

2013 Spring Training

Mets Trade Elvin Ramirez

Elvin has left the (re)building …

2013 Spring Training

Jenrry Mejia Out Six Weeks

Sometimes a slow news day isn’t so bad.

2013 Spring Training

Chris Young Opts Out of Nationals Contract

Former Mets pitcher Chris Young has exercised his option to decline an assignment to the minor leagues, and is now a free agent. Should the Mets — who have lost Johan Santana from the starting rotation, and now have a pain in the neck from Shaun Marcum — bring Young back to Flushing? Would he […]

2013 Spring Training

Scott Kazmir Makes Indians Rotation

Former Met Scott Kazmir has won the fifth starter spot in the Cleveland Indians rotation. Do you care? For many Mets fans the mere mention of Kazmir’s name elicits an emotional response. If you are one of those fans, I’m curious to hear your reaction to this news that the former phenom has won a […]

2013 Spring Training

Pedro Feliciano Out, LaTroy Hawkins In

In case you missed, the Mets informed Pedro Feliciano that he would not be part of the 25-man roster on Opening Day, and they told LaTroy Hawkins that he would go north come April. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

2013 Spring Training

Matt den Dekker Breaks Wrist – Will Mets Acquire a Center Fielder?

Perhaps you’ve heard that Matt den Dekker broke his wrist attempting to make a diving catch in Sunday’s exhibition game. Will the Mets go with internal options, or make a trade for a center fielder? There’s at least one player available who could make sense.

2013 Spring Training

Yankees Acquire Vernon Wells – Any Other OFs Available?

You may have heard that the Yankees have acquired Vernon Wells. Why should a Mets fan care?

2013 Spring Training