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Deadline Insanity

The Manny sweepstakes was crazy enough. Every ten minutes a deal was on, off, dead, on again, expanded, reduced, on, off, etc.

In the end, the Dodgers gave up next to nothing, the Red Sox added two Major Leaguers to the deal, AND offered to pay the rest of Manny’s contract. Wow.

Another strange development on trade day was the last-hour participation of the Toronto Blue Jays — as a BUYER. The same Jays who are second to last in the AL East and nine and a half games out of first place. Behind the Yankees, Red Sox, and Rays. With nowhere near the talent to make any of those three leaders pay attention, much less shake in their boots. Yet there were the Blue Jays, making feeble attempts to pick up useless, overaged veterans on trading day. My guess is that GM J.P. Ricciardi, who has been a tremendous bust since walking out from Billy Beane’s shadow, was trying to improve his team just enough to save his job. Let’s face it, the Jays don’t have a shot in hell of making the postseason, but they do have an outside chance of finishing with a winning record — and that might be enough to buy Ricciardi one more year.

Speaking of, I’m not sure what was more comical — Toronto trying desperately to pry Raul Ibanez away from the Mariners (why???), or the Mariners demanding Shaun Marcum or Adam Lind in return. For those who don’t follow AL “baseball” (why they’re still allowed to call it baseball is anyone’s guess), Marcum is John Maine, only better. Lind is Fernando Martinez, except already in MLB and already hitting over .300. And Ibanez is Shawn Green. See, now you’re laughing too.

Also somewhat comical — the Giants think they’ll be able to pass Bengie Molina through waivers and trade him sometime in the coming weeks. Apparently they did not notice that there are a few teams in need of a starting catcher (Marlins, in particular) and Molina’s $6M price tag for ’09 is pretty fair.

Then there are the outrageously hysterical comments from the New York Mets. Specifically, the one where they identify Bobby Parnell as “untouchable”. And then there was the knee-slapper that there would be “plenty” of players available after the deadline. Good luck with that, guys.


Paging Omar Minaya

omar_minaya_2.jpgMr. Minaya, Mr. Minaya …

Paging Mr. Minaya …

Mr. Minaya, please pick up a house phone … Mr. Minaya, Mr. Minaya …

Oh crap … it appears that Omar slept through the snooze alarm. Or maybe his cell phone battery went dead. Or perhaps it was something really simple, like he forgot it was the trade deadline. My wife’s birthday happens to be July 31, and as a result my attention was, shall we say, divided as a result. There’s a really good chance that there’s a member of Omar’s family (wife, mom, kid?) whose birthday is July 31 as well, and all the excitement in ordering flowers, getting a gift, picking up the cake, etc., simply dominated Omar’s day, and he just didn’t have the time or the concentration to make a deal.

Unfortunately, this means the Mets got no one to improve their club. No corner outfielder. No reliever. No starting pitcher. No future Hall of Famer. We’re told not to worry, though, because there will be “plenty” of players available after the deadline.

Uh huh.