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Mets Sign David Wright

Mets make David Wright Mr. Met for the next 8 years. He gets $138M, which apparently is less than “superstar” money. Comments?

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Braves Sign B.J. Upton

In case you haven’t been near the Hot Stove since yesterday afternoon, the Braves have signed B.J. Upton to a five-year, $75M contract. Suddenly, it feels like 1977 all over again.

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The Contract Offer: Wright or Wrong?

I’ve been avoiding the subject of contract extensions for David Wright and R.A. Dickey because A) I don’t feel like speculating about if every single day, especially when I know next to nothing about what’s going on behind closed doors – like everyone else, and B) Everyone else has already chimed in on it.  But […]

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Marvin Miller Dead – Your Thoughts?

In case you missed it, former MLBPA leader Marvin Miller passed away at the age of 95 after a long bout with cancer. He accomplished amazing things for the Players Union, but, to be honest, and meaning no disrespect, I could do without all the attention paid to his passing from the baseball media.

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Citi Pond Tree Lighting

The Citi Pond tree lighting will take place this evening in Bryant Park.  Details below. Let’s see, what do I want for Christmas?  Extensions for David Wright and R.A. Dickey, a catcher, a center fielder, a closer, new owners, Grace Potter…wait – what?

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Would You Trade R.A. Dickey to the Yankees?

In today’s episode of “Would You …?” we consider the unthinkable: trading a fan favorite and Cy Young Award winner to that despicable club on the other side of town. Would that be a nightmare or what?

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Mets Fan Window Shopping: Centerfield

Growing up poor — and still today far from wealthy — I didn’t have the chance to indulge in many luxuries. So one of the things I did to deal was “window shop,” which is the exercise of checking out cool stuff you really want, but can’t afford. It’s sort of a daydream, and if […]

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2012 Analysis: Bobby Parnell

We are now four years into the Bobby Parnell Show. What have we learned?

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Hot Stove Update

Not much going on in Flushing, so let’s do a roundup of what’s been happening throughout the rest of MLB thus far this winter.

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Should Mets Wait for Greinke Before Signing Dickey?

As much as I prefer to see the Mets lock up R.A. Dickey for the foreseeable future as soon as possible, from a cold-hearted business perspective, it may behoove the Mets to wait until Zack Greinke signs before extending their knuckleballer. Why? Because

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Price for Dickey Just Went Up

In case you missed it, the Yankees just re-signed Hiroki Kuroda to a one-year, $15M contract that includes another $1M in incentives. How does this affect R.A. Dickey’s contract extension negotiations with the Mets? Well, the answer is, how does it not?

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Link Roundup: Thanksgiving Edition

The fourth Thursday of November is upon us, and that can only mean one thing.  Time to eat a lot and be thankful about it!  Other things to be thankful for: Your friends and family during the recovery from Superstorm Sandy.  Another thing to be thankful for?  Mets baseball.  It doesn’t matter how they’re doing […]

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Would You Have Signed Melky Cabrera?

Yes, a second “Would You …?” post in the same day — but, what else are we Mets fans to do? You already know the subject based on the headline, but let me preface it. While researching something else, I happened upon this remark in the baseball blogosphere:

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Would You Trade Ruben Tejada for Rick Porcello?

In today’s edition of “Would You …?” I present the preposterous proposition of trading Ruben Tejada to the Detroit Tigers for righthanded starter Rick Porcello. It’s preposterous, of course, because there’s no way

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Trading Initials and the Curse of 1973

Author’s Disclaimer: Perhaps by the time you are reading this, the Met player in question has already signed a new contract. If so, skip the first eight paragraphs During the winter meetings after the 1983 season, the Mets where attempting to wrap up a deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers for utility infielder extraordinaire Bob […]

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