Mets Game 18: Win Over Braves

Mets 4 Braves 3

Mets outlast Braves in a 14-inning snoozefest.
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Curtis Granderson Moves to Two Spot

Here are this afternoon’s lineups:

Jason Heyward, rf
B.J. Upton, cf
Freddie Freeman, 1b
Justin Upton, lf
Chris Johnson, 3b
Dan Uggla, 2b
Andrelton Simmons, ss
Gerald Laird, c
David Hale, rhp

Eric Young Jr., lf
Curtis Granderson, rf
David Wright, 3b
Daniel Murphy, 2b
Chris Young, cf
Lucas Duda, 1b
Anthony Recker, c
Omar Quintanilla, ss
Zack Wheeler, rhp

Daniel Murphy and Curtis Granderson switch places in the Mets lineup. Granderson is batting .140 and is 2 for his last 16. What do you do with someone slumping so mightily? Move him up in the lineup, of course, so he can get more at-bats. Wait, what?

Hey, maybe it’ll work. The theory, I imagine, is that Grandy will see more fastballs with Eric Young, Jr. hitting ahead of him. Of course, that’s assuming Eric Young, Jr. gets on first base. And thus far, Young, Jr. has been getting on base 35% of the time, which is pretty good.

Well, now, hold on a second — let’s look at this more fully. So, in theory, Young, Jr. gets on first base somehow, and since he’s a threat to steal, more fastballs will be called with Granderson at the plate. Additionally, the first baseman will be holding the runner so there’s presumably a larger hole on the right side of the infield for the pull-happy Granderson to hit through. However, the whole point of Young at the top of the lineup is that he is a steal threat — so, do you want Granderson taking pitches so that Young can take second base? Hmm …

Further, let’s say it works out that Young gets on first and steals second. Now what? Will the opposing pitcher be throwing more fastballs with a man on second? If anything, he’ll probably be offering more breaking pitches, and pitches out of the strike zone, especially with first base open.

And then there’s the other situation — the one where Young, Jr. makes an out / is not on first base. With one out and no one on base, will Granderson get many fastballs?

Finally, there is protection for David Wright. I think that Granderson’s presence on the on-deck circle can help convince pitchers to pitch to Wright in certain situations — regardless of how poorly Granderson is hitting. However, is anyone going to worry about walking Wright with Daniel Murphy on deck? Never mind the fact that Murphy hits fairly well with RISP, and incredibly well with two outs and a man on third — there are few pitchers in baseball who would rather pitch to Wright than Murphy. But, maybe that will work out well for the Mets — pitchers will walk Wright to face Murphy, and Murphy will get big hits. But, that’s getting away from the crux of the matter, which is that Granderson is slumping, and now he’ll be getting more at-bats than anyone other than the leadoff hitter.

Your thoughts?


Mets Game 17: Loss to Braves

Braves 7 Mets 5

Mets rally in the ninth but fall short as they lose the game and the series. However, there’s still a chance to salvage one on Sunday.
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Mets 2014 Games

Mets Game 16: Loss To Braves

Braves 6 Mets 0

Mets nearly no-hit by someone from the scrap heap.
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Mets 2014 Games

Mets Trade Ike Davis To Pirates

Somewhat fittingly, the Mets pass Ike Davis over to Pittsburgh.
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Mets Game 15: Win Over Diamondbacks

Mets 5 Diamondbacks 2

Look at that — not only do the Mets sweep the Snakes in Arizona, but they also rise above .500 for the first time in 2014. 90 wins, here they come!
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Mets 2014 Games

Mets Game 14: Win Over Diamondbacks

Mets 9 Diamondbacks

Mets mash Diamondbacks early and don’t let up. This, my friends, is what we call a “laugher.”
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Mets 2014 Games

Mets Game 13: Win Over Diamondbacks

Mets 7 Diamondbacks 3

For all the lack of sleep, long ballgames, and difficult travel, the Mets put out a great effort in burying the snakes.
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Mets 2014 Games

Mets Game 12: Loss to Angels

Angels 14 Mets 2

Perhaps the exhaustion of this Left Coast trip finally caught up to the Mets, as they were clobbered by the Compton Angels. Unfortunately, there are still three more games to go on this western swing.
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Mets 2014 Games

Mets Game 11: Win Over Angels

Mets 7 Angels 6

Unlikely heroes Omar Quintanilla, Anthony Recker, and John Lannan lift the New York Mets over the Whittier Angels in extra innings.
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Mets 2014 Games

Mets Game 10: Loss to Angels

Angels 5 Mets 4

The New York Mets lose an eleven-inning marathon to the Cucamonga Valley Angels.
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Mets 2014 Games

Mets Game 9: Win Over Braves

Mets 6 Braves 4

Are the Mets this good? Are the Braves this bad? Or is it a function of it being April?
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Mets 2014 Games

Mets Game 8: Loss to Braves

Braves 4 Mets 3

Mets lose, but do what they can to make it exciting at the end.
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Mets 2014 Games

Mets Game 7: Win Over Braves

Mets 4 Braves 0

The Mets beat the mighty Braves on Hank Aaron Night.
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Mets 2014 Games

What is a Platelet-rich Plasma Injection and Would it Have Helped Bobby Parnell?

In the latest episode of The Fix, Angel Borrelli and I discuss the following:

- How can a pitcher know the difference between “normal soreness” and a pain that requires medical attention?

- What is a “platelet-rich plasma injection” and how could it have helped Bobby Parnell‘s partially torn UCL? (Note, we recorded this episode on Saturday afternoon, prior to the news that Parnell would be getting Tommy John surgery.)

- What is the difference — if any — between a UCL and MCL tear?

- Brian Wilson is suffering “ulnar nerve irritation” in his elbow — what is that, and does that mean he needs another Tommy John surgery?

- A new paradigm for preventing pitcher injuries that will allow MLB pitching coaches to sleep soundly at night.

Listen to the podcast below:

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Mets Injuries, Pitching Mechanics