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Happy New Year!

Thanks for visiting MetsToday during 2009. I wish you a safe and enjoyable New Year’s Eve celebration. For those of you partaking in adult beverages this evening, please do not drive, as I would like to read your comments here in 2010 (and beyond). Happy New Year !

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Welcome Back Kevin McReynolds

Not long after Mike Francesa announced that Jason Bay accepted the Mets’ contract offer, I received a phone call from good friend and occasional MetsToday contributing writer John Fitzgerald. John: “Hey, we should invent the internet while there’s still time.” Me: “Huh?” John: “Well, it’s 1987 isn’t it? I mean, didn’t the Mets just sign […]

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David Wright to Red Sox?

In an article on, Globe journalist Nick Cafardo wrote under the heading “Apropos of Nothing”: Seems like David Wright is no longer a great fit for the Mets (because of Citi Field), but he would be for the Red Sox (because of Fenway) With the Red Sox still looking for a third baseman to […]

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Jason Bay To Sign with Mets

It’s not official, but according to Mike Francesa, Jason Bay will sign with the Mets. Was it just a coincidence that Francesa’s announcement came a day after MetsToday pulled the Mets offer off the table? Perhaps Omar Minaya will send a thank-you note for saving him a year and another $16M or so. Comment away […]

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The Big News: 10 Guesses

In case you missed it, Mike Francesa announced on his Monday radio show that he would, on Tuesday (today), be delivering news of a “major update” regarding the New York Mets. Here are my top ten guesses at what that “major update” will be:

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DeRosa, Guardado Off the Table

According to several reports, superutilityman Mark DeRosa has agreed to a two-year, $12M contract with the San Francisco Giants. Seems like a lot for a 35-year-old coming off wrist surgery, doesn’t it? Additionally, those pesty Washington Nationals have made another acquisition, signing veteran lefty reliever Eddie Guardado to a one-year, minor-league contract. “Steady” Eddie appeared […]

09-10 Offseason

The Mets 2010 Starting Rotation

NY Sports Day reported this from the “21 Days of Clemente”, where Omar Minaya was a special guest: The GM was asked his opinion of the 2010 Mets starting rotation. He quickly answered, “[Johan] Santana, [Mike] Pelfrey, [John] Maine, [Oliver] Perez , [Jonathon] Niese and possibly a free agent.” Though it wasn’t an official press […]

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MetsToday Pulls Bay Offer

On behalf of Omar Minaya and the New York Mets, the blog has officially pulled the 4-year, $60M contract offer to Jason Bay off the table. After plenty of time and careful consideration, we Mets fans have determined that Mr. Bay’s inadequacies are too much to bear and that his positive attributes do not […]

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10 Things To Do Before Trading Luis Castillo

A recent column from claims that the Mets remain the team most interested in Orlando Hudson, but only if “they are able move Luis Castillo”. Granted, that tidbit may not be worth a hill of beans (heh heh), since it comes from Boston — and what do they know about the goings-on in Flushing? […]

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Mets Sign Kelvim Escobar

This time it’s for real, we think: the Mets have reached an agreement with Kelvim Escobar on a one-year, minor league deal. The news was tweeted by Joel Sherman and reported by ESPN. According to the Daily News: Minaya told the Daily News Friday, “With Escobar, we are looking at him as a reliever.” This […]

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Thank You and Happy Holidays

For those of you checking in today, thank you for visiting and sharing your comments and making this blog a great time for everyone — not just today but every day. Now get back to opening presents or eating the chinese take-out.

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Mets Get Dickey

In case you missed the news of the past few days: The Red Sox may be back in play for Jason Bay The Angels signed Fernando Rodney The Pirates are in talks with

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Mets Still Need Pitching

While the Mets and their fans sit around waiting for Jason Bay and Bengie Molina to make up their minds, there is still the little matter of the pitching staff. For those unaware, injuries were not the reason the Mets had their worst season since 2003. Neither was it the lack of power. Sure, those […]

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Looking Back: Phillies Lineup Comparison

While going through some posts from last offseason, I came across this one in particular titled Lineup Comparison: Phillies. It was written in mid-January, and the gist of it was that the Mets were at least one big bat short of posting an everyday lineup that had offensive potential comparable to the Phillies’ projected lineup. […]

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Carlos Delgado Delayed

Per Marty Noble’s article on, Carlos Delgado’s comeback has been delayed. Minaya said on Monday that Delgado had not resumed playing and probably wouldn’t until January. Another person reiterated that on Tuesday and added that the delay — and the reason for it — might diminish the Mets’ interest in re-signing the 37-year-old veteran […]

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