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Happy New Year!

ball-metsThanks for visiting MetsToday during 2009. I wish you a safe and enjoyable New Year’s Eve celebration.

For those of you partaking in adult beverages this evening, please do not drive, as I would like to read your comments here in 2010 (and beyond).

Happy New Year !


Welcome Back Kevin McReynolds

kevin-mcreynoldsNot long after Mike Francesa announced that Jason Bay accepted the Mets’ contract offer, I received a phone call from good friend and occasional MetsToday contributing writer John Fitzgerald.

John: “Hey, we should invent the internet while there’s still time.”

Me: “Huh?”

John: “Well, it’s 1987 isn’t it? I mean, didn’t the Mets just sign Kevin McReynolds?”

Well played, Mr. Peanuts.

Indeed, Jason Bay today is not far from Kevin McReynolds circa ’87. There are some obvious differences — namely, that McReynolds was


David Wright to Red Sox?

david-wright-bosoxIn an article on, Globe journalist Nick Cafardo wrote under the heading “Apropos of Nothing”:

Seems like David Wright is no longer a great fit for the Mets (because of Citi Field), but he would be for the Red Sox (because of Fenway)

With the Red Sox still looking for a third baseman to replace Mike Lowell, and the Mets in need of pitching (where the Bosox have depth), is there a possibility that Wright could be moved to Boston?


The Big News: 10 Guesses

francesaIn case you missed it, Mike Francesa announced on his Monday radio show that he would, on Tuesday (today), be delivering news of a “major update” regarding the New York Mets.

Here are my top ten guesses at what that “major update” will be: