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Tongue Lashing for the Mets?

During the SNY postgame, while the team remained behind closed doors, Ron Darling suggested that Jerry Manuel might have given the Mets a “tongue lashing” after Tuesday night’s loss for their poor play. (It was later reported as a “family talk”) Darling might have been right about that, but if so, how in the world […]

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Mets Game 76: Loss to Brewers

Brewers 6 Mets 3 One for the thumb … the Mets have now lost five in a row. Career minor leaguer Mike Burns held the Mets to two runs on five hits over 6 2/3 to earn his first MLB victory in his second MLB start, while ace Johan Santana struggled with his command and […]

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Losing with the Cavalry

Before we get too excited about the plan to “tread water and wait for the cavalry to bail us out” (and I KNOW we’re all excited), may we review some numbers? May 2: 10-13 (The First Domino Falls) This was the date and the Mets’ record on the last day Oliver Perez was able bodied […]

Shea What?

Mets Game 75: Loss to Brewers

Brewers 10 Mets 6 What’s that about self-fulfilling prophecy? The Mets continue to play down to their manager’s (lackluster) expectations, this time getting pummeled by a Brewers team that on paper isn’t really THAT dominating. The Brew Crew — or was it the ghosts of Harvey’s Wallbangers? — pounded out 19 hits and 10 runs […]

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40 Wins and No Excuses

In the New York Post, Joel Sherman brought up an eye-opening, and valid argument for Mets fans living in their Mets-centric cocoon and thinking that it’s only their beloved orange and blue getting struck with injuries and other forms of “bad luck”. In truth, many other teams in the NL have problems of their own. […]

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Mets Game 74: Loss to Yankees

Yankees 4 Mets 2 That whisking sound is coming from a broom brushed against a floor. The Yankees retrieved bragging rights to New York City by sweeping the Mets in their home park and dominating them in five games out of six. And despite the fact that it was a close game for most of […]

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Mets Game 73: Loss to Yankees

Yankees 5 Mets 0 It wasn’t even that close. The Yankees won the game by only five runs, but it may as well have been fifty. Following up his fine start against the Mets two weeks ago, A.J. Burnett was even better. He was brilliant, and nearly unhittable. Nearly, because the Mets were able to […]

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Scoreboard Watching

Jerry Manuel’s “positive” spin on the 9-1 loss to the Yankees on Friday night: “I’m satisfied that everybody else in the division lost. It’s scoreboard-watching for us because we’re trying to survive.” Scoreboard watching in June, eh? Just “trying to survive”, huh? Whatever … Every day this team gets closer and closer to first place, […]

Manuel Being Manuel

Mets Game 72: Loss to Yankees

Yankees 9 Mets 1 Not a great evening for Mike Pelfrey, nor the Mets. Focusing on going the other way, the Yankees pounced on Pelfrey in the second frame, and the defense behind him resembled the Keystone Cops, as four runs — two unearned — crossed the plate in an inning that was one hit […]

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Series Preview: Mets vs. Yankees Part Deux

The crosstown New York Yankees traverse into Flushing to face the Mets for a three-game series this weekend at Citi Field, putting an end to the blasphemy known as “interleague play” for the year. Each team comes in to the series settled in second place in their respective divisions, with the third- and fourth-place followers […]

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C.C. Sabathia vs. the Mets

Tonight, the Yankees send C.C. Sabathia to the mound at Citi Field against the Mets. It’s been a long time since Sabathia started against the Mets, and the last time didn’t go so well for our hometown favorites. On June 16, 2004, Sabathia threw 8 solid innings of six-hit, one-run ball, as the Indians molested […]

Shea What?

Albert Pujols on Steroids?

Bloggers get tarred, feather, beaten, demoralized, and spit upon when they write something without doing their due diligence — particularly in the case of PEDs suspicion. But somehow it’s OK for a professional journalist? See this must-read about an LA Times columnist who wonders if Albert Pujols is using something. Another absolute “must-read” is this […]

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Mets Game 71: Win Over Cardinals

Mets 3 Cardinals 2 Who says the Mets are banged up, beaten down, and in bad shape? And what’s this nonsense about “treading water”? The New York Mets took three games out of four from the mighty St. Louis Cardinals, culminating in a heart-stopping 3-2 victory over the seemingly unbeatable Chris Carpenter. Carpenter held the […]

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Fernando Sosa and Other Musings

Ben Shipgel finally caught up to what we suggested last week — that Fernando Nieve is this year’s Jorge Sosa. Though, so far I like Nieve’s confidence in his fastball … if he doesn’t fall in love with the slider the way Sosa did, he might just hang around beyond the All-Star break. Fingers crossed. […]

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Mets Game 70: Win Over Cardinals

Mets 11 Cardinals 0 An unexpected rout of the Redbirds. The supposedly sickly and flaccid Mets lineup racked up 16 hits — 5 for extra bases — as the New Yorkers pounded Sir Albert and his St. Louis disciples. David Wright led the way with a 4-for-4 day, but received plenty of help from Ryan […]

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