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Mets Game 134: Win Over Braves

Mets 7 Braves 1 Ahhh … that’s much better. The Mets broke their five-game slide with a big win over the Braves, getting strong performances from several individuals. In the series preview, I implored John Maine to throw a nine-inning shutout. To his credit, he came damned close. Maine threw seven sparkling innings, allowing one […]

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The Better Team

As isuzudude remarked: The Phillies were the better team, so tip your hat and move on. Unfortunately, ‘dude is right — the Phillies WERE the better team, and they ARE the better team, right now. Let’s face it — the Mets are hardly the only team in MLB with bullpen issues. Heck, EVERY team in […]

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Series Preview: Mets vs. Braves V

The Mets have lost five straight games, and in getting swept in Philly, have now turned a very comfortable first-place lead into a very tight, three-team race. Nice job, boys … No time to cry over spilt milk, as the Mets move on to Atlanta for another spanking. Here’s how the weekend plays out: Game […]

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Mets Game 133: Loss to Phillies

Sorry it took so long … Weehawken’s finest are not well-prepared for roof-jumpers. Luckily the FD came by with a net strong enough to withstand my 220-pound frame. Anyway … I don’t even know where to start … no point in re-hashing … we’ll go straight to the notes. Notes El Duque was due to […]

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Mets Game 132: Loss to Phillies

Phillies 3 Mets 2 I’m getting really tired of typing that headline — it turns my stomach every time. Although the Mets have now dropped all three games in Philly, and four in a row, I did see some positives — believe it or not. First, Oliver Perez, who struggled mightily with his command yet […]

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10 Hates On the Phillies

It’s completely normal for New York area fans to dislike Philadelphia sports teams. In fact, it’s a birthright — and my guess is that the feeling is mutual (Philly fans and NY sports teams). However, it used to be that the only team I really hated — with a passion — was the Braves. They […]

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The Fatal Flaw

As a person, we like Willie Randolph. We respect the way he played the game, we admire his ability to motivate players and teach the youngsters, and the way he handles the media. He’s a good guy, a first-class individual. Personally, I’d like to see him remain the manager of the Mets for a long […]

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Mets Game 131: Loss to Phillies

Phillies 4 Mets 2 Albert Einstein once said “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” If we agree that is true, is there anyone who disagrees that Willie Randolph must be committed? All I want to know is why, why, why was Tom Glavine removed […]

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Pitching Questions and Roster Moves

A few random thoughts going through the Mets fan’s head … 1. What is more concerning, the fact that Brian Lawrence’s fastball is clocked at 82 MPH or that his change-up is clocked at 82 MPH? 2. Who is starting on Saturday against the Braves? Assuming Lawrence is finished, do we really want Mike Pelfrey, […]

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Mets Game 130: Loss to Phillies

Phillies 9 Mets 2 The final score shows seven runs between the victors and the losers, and it wasn’t even that close. The Phillies did their usual thing: score a boatload of runs. The scary thing is, they were scoring like the Philadelphia Eagles BEFORE Chase Utley came off the DL. Now with Utley back […]

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Phrom the Phillies’ Phan’s Perspective

The Mets and Phillies get together for four big games that may — or may not — have a significant impact on the rest of the season. On the surface, it would appear that the Mets are in the driver’s seat — if they split the series, then they actually come out ahead, because the […]

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Mets Game 129: Loss to Dodgers

Dodgers 6 Mets 2 What began as a promising game for John Maine ended a disappointment. Maine pitched well through the first four innings, showing excellent poise in the fourth by working out of a tough jam (men on first and third with no outs). The fifth inning, however, was not so kind. The top […]

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Mets Game 128: Win Over Dodgers

Mets 4 Dodgers 3 This was a great win on many levels. First, winning a one-run game is always a lift. Second, winning a series is the general goal, and the series has now been won. Third, the usually demanding and critical New York crowd did an about-face for change, choosing to cheer rather than […]

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Mets Lunch Box

With the kids going back to school, I found a few cool lunch boxes with the Mets logo. Just go to the Mets Store (link is on the top of the page) and click on Lunch Boxes. If you’re the type who does the tailgate thing, or simply want to announce your fandom at a […]

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Questions for Willie

Though the Mets beat the Dodgers on Friday, there are still some questions for Willie Randolph. Why was there a double steal attempt in the first inning, with Ruben Gotay as the lead runner, one out, and Moises Alou at the plate? Was Willie working against Alou’s penchant for grounding into double plays this year? […]

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