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Mets Game 25: Loss To Pirates

Pirates 13 Mets 1 OK, so, I watch Xavier Nady lead off the second with a walk, I go to the kitchen to fix a sandwich and a glass of Ovaltine, I come back to the TV and it’s 7-zip. I shake my head, consider dumping the Ovaltine for tall glass of vodka, but decide […]

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News from M*A*S*H Unit

About 24 hours ago, we were told that Moises Alou might miss another few months due to an undisclosed ankle injury. Today, however, we are told that Alou has been cleared for baseball activities and will join the team on Friday in Arizona. The “team” being the New York Mets, the “big club”, the guys […]

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Go Get Botts

As was pointed out by loyal MetsToday readers Micalpalyn and DaveVW, Jason Botts has been DFA’d by the Texas Rangers. The switch-hitting slugger has been a low-risk, high-reward, under-the-radar target here at MetsToday since about 1949. OK, maybe not that long, but it sure feels that way. Now it appears he’s there for the taking, […]

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Mets Game 24: Win Over Pirates

Mets 4 Pirates 4 It took eleven innings on a chilly night in Flushing, but the Mets eventually wore out the Pirates thanks to some good old fashioned small ball. Endy Chavez — who had three hits on the night — ripped a leadoff single in the bottom of the 11th, advanced to second on […]

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Figgy Loses a Turn

As a result of yesterday’s rainout, Nelson Figueroa will get skipped when his turn comes around the next time in the rotation — which would be Sunday at Arizona. Instead of Figgy, Johan Santana will go to the hill. On the surface, this appears to be a good idea. After all, Santana has a few […]

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The Deal That Wasn’t

You may have heard by now that Barry Zito has been demoted to the bullpen, after an atrocious start to the season for the San Francisco Giants (0-6, 7.53 ERA). As Mets fans, why should we care? Because for every time we weep when the names Scott Kazimir, Brian Bannister, and Nolan Ryan are mentioned […]

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Mets Fans in Connecticut

If you are a Mets fan in Connecticut, and cannot watch Mets games on TV because your cable provider is Cox Communications, it’s time to join the legion of customers who are requesting that SNY be added to the channel lineup. SNY will be supporting the groundswell with billboards on I84, Route 6, and Route […]

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MetsBlog: Price of Success

You know you’ve hit the big time when newspaper reporters are making snide remarks about your blog. One of the columnists (who shall remain nameless to protect the guilty) in the Daily News recently penned this: “Is Matt Cerrone’s entertaining and informative (One Team, One Million GM’s) losing some edge – and independence? Prior […]

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Life Without Moises

While few of us expected Moises Alou to play in more than 100 games this season, we did hope to see him at some point beyond the cameo appearances in spring training. After suffering a hernia, the latest news is that Alou may or may not have a fractured bone in his ankle. This does […]

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Mets Game 23: Win Over Braves

Mets 6 Braves 3 John Smoltz didn’t have his good stuff, and the Mets jumped all over him, scoring runs in each of the first three innings and chasing “Smoltzie” to the showers after only four innings of work. David Wright looked relieved to see Smoltz leave the game. As usual, the veteran righthander was […]

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Mets Game 22: Win Over Braves

Mets 4 Braves 3 Tim Hudson imploded in the third inning, allowing the Mets to score four runs, and the Sheasters held on to beat the Braves by one. After Jose Reyes popped out to start the third, Endy Chavez and David Wright hit back-to-back singles, setting the table for Carlos Beltran, who hit a […]

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Let Him Rest

Early in Friday night’s SNY broadcast, a stat was flashed up showing that Mike Pelfrey has an 0-5 record, 8.59 ERA on regular 4 days’ rest, and 7-4 with a 3.91 ERA with 5+ days’ rest. Gary Cohen commented — correctly — that those stats did not jive with traditional sinkerball pitchers. The theory is […]

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Mets Game 21: Loss to Braves

Braves 6 Mets 3 The Mets garnered TWO hits all night — one from Marlon Anderson, the other from Raul Casanova, both coming in the third inning — as they were beaten to a pulp by the mighty Braves. Jair Jurrjens — who began the season as the Braves’ #5 starter — shut down the […]

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Throw Stuff at the TV Screen

Personally, I’ve been tempted to throw things at the TV screen during Mets games … especially lately. Tomorrow afternoon between 12:30 and 1pm, you have another opportunity (in addition to the game) to throw stuff at the screen. That’s when Mets Weekly will be on SNY, and you’ll get to see and hear more blasphemies […]

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What’s Wrong with Heilman?

If you are one of those fans who has come to hate Aaron Heilman (for example, if you refer to him as “poopyface” or something less family-friendly), then please don’t bother reading further — your opinion likely can’t be changed at this point. The rest of you, who have at least a glimmer of hope […]

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