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July 29: Thursday Mets Links and Open Thread

MetsBlog – Apparently, Jerry Manuel opted to pitch to Pujols last night because Pujols had no hits in the game. Yeah, except for the two hits he had earlier in the game… but those don’t count, right? Way to go Jerry!

NY Post – The Mets faked interest in Cliff Lee, Roy Oswalt and Dan Haren. And now it looks like they have no intention or shot at acquiring Ted Lilly. To be fair though, they do seem hellbent on bringing quasi-racist female boxer Brett Myers into the fold, proving once again that Omar Minaya and Jeff Wilpon really know what they’re doing. Unfortunately for Omar and Jeff, the Astros seem to be holding on to Myers.

Fire Wayne Hagin – No news here, but an absolutely fantastic blog dedicated to getting Wayne Hagin fired. Hey, if Wayne is fired can somebody PLEASE allow Howie Rose to call games by himself, a la Vin Scully? Howie might be the only announcer left that can do that. Hell, he practically calls the game himself as it stands now. It’s not like Hagin is adding the perspective of a former player – unless you count Hagin’s high school career.

And here’s the latest from Kerel Cooper, who was on the field yesterday during batting practice, along with several other Mets bloggers:


The Mets (51-50) take on the Cardinals (56-45) in the rubber game of a three-game series. R.A. Dickey (6-4, 2.55) will face Blake Hawksworth (4-6, 5.23). First pitch is at 12:10pm EST.


July 28: Afternoon Mets Links and Open Thread

MetsGazette – Tom Greenhalgh says the Mets will have to go 42-20 to win the division.

MetsLifer – Dave at MetsLifer thinks the Mets need another starting pitcher, but he’s convinced they won’t acquire one.

MetsMerizedOnline – Joe D wishes the Mets were motivated by winning and not by ticket sales. Has anyone else noticed that the Mets seem to make one big ticket acquisition every off-season since Omar took over? Just one… just enough to keep us interested.

MLB Trade Rumors – MLBTR is reporting that the Mets are seeking a reliever who is “overpriced” and “underperforming.” Is this bizarro world?

MyCentralJersey.com – Bill Pulsipher just signed with the Somerset Patriots of the Atlantic League. Neither here nor there… But still somewhat interesting, to me, at least.


The Mets (51-49) look to make in two wins in a row against the St. Louis Cardinals (55-45). Johan Santana (8-5, 2.79) will face Jaime Garcia (9-4, 2.21).


July 20: PM Mets Links and Open Thread

MetsBlog – Matt Cerrone wants to know why Carlos Beltran is lugging a giant knee brace around in centerfield, when Angel Pagan is younger, faster and a better fielder (at this point).

The Mets Police – Meaningful games in August? Yeah, if we’re lucky!

MetsGazette – A look at two-thirds of the braintrust in charge of the Mets: Omar and Jerry. What about Jeff Wilpon?

The Daily Stache – Randy Shemanski looks at the pitchers the Mets could acquire in a trade, if Fred Wilpon wins big money playing QuickDraw between now and the end of the month.

Real Dirty Mets Blog – A recap of Jerry Manuel’s interview with Mike Francessa. Jerry says Ollie will be the first lefty out of the bullpen. Ugh.


Tonight, the Mets (49-44) look to do something right against the lowly Arizona Diamondbacks (35-58). R.A. Dickey (6-3, 2.63) takes the mound for the Mets and he will be opposed by Barry Enright (1-2, 3.45).

Tonight’s lineup, via The Mets Police:

7 Jose Reyes SS
16 Angel Pagan RF
5 David Wright 3B
15 Carlos Beltran CF
29 Ike Davis 1B
44 Jason Bay LF
30 Josh Thole C
1 Luis Castillo 2B
43 R.A. Dickey RHP


July 19: Afternoon Mets Links and Open Thread

ESPN New York – Oliver Perez is back with the Mets, though he hasn’t yet been activated. Jerry Manuel has already indicated Perez will work out of the bullpen.

ESPN New York – Luis Castillo is also back with the team, though Castillo is expected to play tonight.

Bleacher Report – Joseph DelGrippo thinks Jerry Manuel is the “stupidest” man in baseball. I’m not even sure Jerry is the “stupidest” man named Jerry or Manuel in baseball. But hey, whatever…

OnTheBlack – Kerel Cooper looks back at the San Francisco series and looks forward to the series in Arizona.

TheRoPolitans – Andrew Vazzano wonders if the Mets may need to add a bat, in addition to the quality starting pitcher that they may or may not have the money to add.


The Mets (49-43) take on the Diamondbacks (34-58)  tonight. Mike Pelfrey (10-4, 3.58) will face Ian Kennedy (4-7, 4.12). First pitch at 9:40pm EST.


July 17: Weekend Mets Links

An abbreviated list of links for the weekend. There may or may not be an open thread for tomorrow’s game… Gotta take care of some stuff first. Stay tuned for Joe’s Janish-y recapanalysis after tonight’s game. Let’s go (Get a Starting Pitcher and an 8th-Inning Guy) Mets!

MetsBlog – Suddenly, and as we predicted, the Mets are cooling to the idea of acquiring a starting pitcher. Of course, they are still “interested” in several options and they insist they can add payroll “within reason.” But for some reason, they don’t seem to want to pursue a pitcher. Amazin!

ESPN New York – Jose Reyes may not play at all this weekend. Yet, he’s still not on the disabled list and the Mets are still carrying three catchers. Amazin!

NY Daily News – Wally Backman’s Brooklyn Cyclones are on fire. Predictable!

NY Daily News – Mike Pelfrey’s next start has been pushed back to Monday, due to stiffness in his neck, resulting from his flight from Kansas to San Francisco. So, tonight is when the Mets would be starting Cliff Lee, Ted Lilly, Roy Oswalt or some other quality veteran pitcher, had they acquired one… Instead, we get Hisanori “Oughtta Be in the Bullpen” Takahashi. The season is slipping away, folks…


The Mets (48-42) try to get on the scoreboard tonight against the Giants (49-41). Hisanori Takahashi (7-3, 4.15) takes the mound against Matt Cain (6-8, 3.34). First pitch at 9:05 EST.


July 15: PM Mets Links and West Coast Trip Open Thread

Tonight’s game is a late one… So check out these links and feel free to comment on them as we wait to see Carlos Beltran’s return…

OnTheBlack – Kerel Cooper thinks Angel Pagan should play everyday. It kind of scares me that this discussion even needs to take place, but it obviously has to be said. When did Jeff Francoeur become so highly regarded?

Real Dirty Mets Blog – The Cubs are reportedly looking at Robert Carson, Kyle Allen and Jeurys Familia as possible pieces in a deal involving Ted Lilly. Interesting…

MetsFever – Ed Ryan raises Andy Sonnanstine as a potential mid-level SP that the Mets could acquire.

Wall Street Journal – Mike Sielski has the scariest article you’ll read today, titled,  “Four Ways Mets Can Blow It.”


The Mets will face the Giants tonight in the first game back from the All-Star break. R.A. Dickey (6-2, 2.77)  gets the start against Tim Lincecum (9-4, 3.16). For a scouting report on Lincecum, check out LongLiveSheaStadium. First pitch at 10:15pm EST.


Jose Reyes was initially slated to leadoff, but he was scratched because of his lingering oblique injury. Here’s the current lineup:

Angel Pagan – RF
Alex Cora – 2B
David Wright – 3B
Carlos Beltran – CF
Ike Davis – 1B
Jason Bay – LF
Josh Thole – C
Ruben Tejada – SS
R.A. Dickey – RHP

Random Act of Managing

If you’re wondering why R.A. Dickey is starting the first game back from the break, instead of Johan Santana Mike Pelfrey, here’s why: by setting up Dickey to fail against San Francisco’s ace, Jerry Manuel cannot lose. If Dickey wins, Jerry is a genius. If Dickey loses, it was expected and Jerry can boast about giving Santana Pelfrey some extra rest. It’s a beautiful system – we’ve seen it recently with resting Jason Bay on his own bobblehead day, right before the All-Star break. Way to go, Jerry!


July 2: Afternoon Mets Links and Open Thread

UPDATED (6:09 pm)

Andy Martino on Twitter – Apparently, Jose Reyes won’t return until Sunday, at the earliest. Martino is also reporting that Luis Castillo will start his rehab assignment soon and – according to Jerry Manuel – Castillo will be the starting second baseman as soon as he is back with the Mets.

MetsGrrl – Photos from the Mets’ “Teammates in the Community” event at the Humane Society of New York.

OnTheBlack – Kerel Cooper breaks down who’s hot and who’s not for July 2, 2010.

NY Times – An absolutely amazing video that illustrates why Mariano Rivera has been so dominant for so many years (via MetsBlog)

MetsPolice – A heated discussion has broken out over in the comments section of Mets Police. The issue essentially boils down to this – how bad is Jerry Manuel? In other words, is he merely “George Foster bad” or is he “Carlos Baerga bad”? Hey, that could be a poll question next week!

MetsToday – MLB would like some money to give you the chance to spend more money if you’re team makes the playoffs. Bud Selig would’ve made one hell of a used car salesman…


The Mets (44-35) take on the Nationals (35-45) in a game that oozes with importance. If the Mets drop this game, they will have to beat Stephen Strasburg tomorrow to have a chance at splitting the 4-game series. Thankfully, tonight’s pitching matchup favors the Mets, as Jon Niese (5-2, 3.84) faces Luis Atilano (6-4, 4.33).

Tonight’s Lineup:

Angel Pagan – CF
Ruben Tejada – SS
David Wright – 3B
Ike Davis – 1B
Jason Bay – LF
Rod Barajas – C
Jeff Francoeur – RF
Alex Cora – 2B
Jonathon Niese – LHP