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Happy New Year

Thanks so much for making 2010 a wonderful year. Even if the Mets stunk (and will continue to stink), it’s still great — in my mind — to have the chance to connect with you and banter about baseball. I wish all the best for you and your family in 2011, and look forward to […]

10-11 Offseason

Next Mets Free Agent Target: Jeff D’Amico

This offseason has been trying, to say the least, for most Mets fans. Yes, I get the whole idea of rebuilding, the constrained budget, the need for MLB to take over the organization, and that 2011 is a throwaway season. But it’s still disappointing to see that the “big” acquisitions of the winter are D.J. […]

10-11 Offseason

Quick Look: DJ Carrasco

The Mets biggest winter acquisition thus far has been the signing of free-agent pitcher D.J. Carrasco. Personally, I don’t know much about Carrasco, since he spent most of his career in the Adulterated League and Japan. What little we saw of him in 2010 with the D’backs and Pirates was inconclusive. That said, I called […]

10-11 Offseason

The Fourth Outfielder

I keep reading in various places that the Mets have earmarked a portion of their meager winter budget for a fourth outfielder. If this is true, why? It’s pretty much been established that the 2011 season will not be one seeing the Mets fighting for a playoff spot. Call it “rebuliding”, “assessing and evaluating”, “reconstructing”, […]

10-11 Offseason

Himelfarb Hears a Hu

I have no idea who Hu is, nor if Horton heard about it. But this is the biggest acquisition Sandy Alderson and his fantasy front office have pulled off since the deft signing of D.J. Carrasco, so it must be important. That said, we are lucky to have Matt Himelfarb give us the down-low on […]

10-11 Offseason

Free Agent Focus: Aaron Heilman

If you are one of those people ready to set fire to your computer after reading the headline, please click the “back” button or find your way to an angry Mets fan forum. Those with open minds and an appreciation for talent that extends beyond a flat change-up to Yadier Molina in October 2006, please […]

10-11 Offseason

Current Conditions at Citi Field

Shake your computer screen for full effect.

10-11 Offseason

Merry Christmas

I’m not sure why, but a Mets nutcracker seems most appropriate today. For those of you celebrating the holiday, I wish you a very, merry Christmas. The rest of you, enjoy the movies and Chinese food!

10-11 Offseason

My Christmas List

This is what I asked for from Santa for Christmas: 1. One pair of ace starting pitchers 2. A fully healed left shoulder attached to Johan Santana 3. A new home for Oliver Perez 4. Two flamethrowers for the bullpen 5. Bionic knees for Carlos Beltran 6. Buster Posey 7. Bernie Madoff’s season tickets behind […]

10-11 Offseason

A Mets Package That Might’ve Gotten Greinke

NOTE: This article was written by Matt Himelfarb Like most Mets fans, I was a bit dismayed when I first heard that the Brewers acquired Zack Greinke. For one, I have always had a soft spot for Greinke, who is nothing short of an inspiration to me. See, by all accounts, Greinke’ social skills are […]

10-11 Offseason

Inside Look: J.P. Ricciardi

After J.P. Ricciardi was hired to be part of Sandy Alderson’s fantasy front office, I called on fellow ESPN SweetSpot Blue Jays Blogger Drew Fairservice of Ghostrunner On First to give us some insight on Ricciardi’s time as GM in Toronto. The questions by me are in bold italic, while Drew’s answers are in the […]

10-11 Offseason

If This Doesn’t Sell Season Tickets

… then NOTHING will. Check out this inspiring video, posted last week by “Read The Apple” and re-linked today by The Big Lead and MetsBlog. It’s more fun if you go here and fill in your name for a personalized video. (OK, it was most fun for me to fill out the name “Wally Backman” […]

10-11 Offseason, Around the Blogs

Pedro Feliciano Staying In New York

Super LOOGY Pedro Feliciano — aka “Perpetual Pedro”, “Everyday Pedro”, or “Pedro Lite” — has chosen to remain in New York for the 2011 and 2012 seasons. However, it will be

10-11 Offseason

Brewers Get Greinke

According to multiple reports, the Brewers have obtained ace Zack Greinke from the Royals in a six-player trade that also will send shortstop Yuniesky Betancourt to Milwaukee. In return, the Brewers send to Kansas City young shortstop Alcides Escobar, outfielder Lorenzo Cain, and minor league pitchers Jake Odorizzi and Jeremy Jeffress. It looks like a […]

10-11 Offseason

The Passion Behind the Mets Blogs

Longtime professional journalist, radio personality, and sports-talk show host John Strubel recently wrote a great article getting inside the heads and hearts of Mets bloggers, including Kerel Cooper, Ed Ryan, Chris McShane, and yours truly. To get an idea what drives us bloggers every day, be sure to give it a read: Love of the […]

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