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Mets Spring Training Game vs. Cardinals

Cardinals 12 Mets 4 Never mind the score — these spring training games mean nothing. Really. No, really.

2013 Spring Training

Giancarlo Stanton To Mets?

Would the Marlins trade young superstar slugger Giancarlo Stanton to the Mets? Maybe the real question is, would the Mets trade for Giancarlo Stanton.

2013 Spring Training

Help Mets Find Diamond in the Rough

As we know, part of Sandy Alderson’s “Moneyball” approach is to find value where others aren’t looking. Toward that end, I have a great idea …

12-13 Offseason

Gift for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up quick — so what are you giving the Irish person in your life? How about a gift that lasts a lifetime, and will benefit not only the direct recipient, but millions of kids? Donate $35 to the Field O’ Dreams fund raiser and you will get this official T-shirt […]

12-13 Offseason

Mets Spring Training Game 2 vs. Nationals

Nationals 6 Mets 4 Does this count as a two-game series? Mets Game Notes Collin McHugh still doesn’t impress me with his stuff. But, it was his first appearance of the spring, so I won’t base my judgment on it. At some point, though, he’ll need to get more velocity and sink on the fastball, […]

12-13 Offseason

Optimistic Mets Post

Hope springs eternal. Therefore, here is the most optimistic post you will read in 2013 at MetsToday.

12-13 Offseason

Jason Bay Finds His Stroke

Jason Bay might yet earn that fat paycheck.

12-13 Offseason

Spring Training Game 1: Mets vs. Nationals

Mets 5 Nationals 3 It’s always nice to win. But with so many different players involved in the ballgame, we don’t judge spring training by wins and losses.

2013 Spring Training

Nationals Sign Chris Young

The Washington Nationals have provided employment to Chris Young — the former Mets pitcher, not the slugging outfielder.

12-13 Offseason

Link Roundup: Tempered Optimism

Spring Training is always the time of year when every team feels they have a chance.  Fans of each team concentrate on their strengths, and say, “hey, maybe this is our year.”  As a Mets fan, I begin to get those thoughts once again, and then think, “Naaah.”  It would probably take a miracle that […]

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Get This Hat

You can’t buy this hat anywhere. Not at the mall, not on the internet, not even at a ballpark in Ireland. Why? Because there IS no ballpark in Ireland. However, if you make a $50 donation, you’ll not only get the official cap of the Irish National Baseball Team, you’ll help build the first-ever baseball […]

12-13 Offseason

Cesar Puello Linked to Biogenesis

The Biogenesis story is getting bigger — and it now includes a player on the Mets’ 40-man roster.

12-13 Offseason

Stop Soccer from Spreading

It’s up to us to stop the spread of soccer and introduce the beauty of baseball. Millions of young boys and girls in Ireland have no choice but to trudge around kicking a black-and-white ball. Give them the opportunity to throw the horsehide, swing the lumber, and run around a real baseball diamond. The Irish […]

12-13 Offseason

Mike Carp Cut

In case you missed it, the Seattle Mariners DFA’d Mike Carp.

12-13 Offseason

Tony Campana Traded to Diamondbacks

Last week we examined the idea of speedy center fielder Tony Campana joining the Mets. For those who liked the idea, well, forget it — at least for now.

12-13 Offseason