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Can Mets Get Anything Worthwhile for David Wright?

My former “boss” Rob Neyer relayed a completely fabricated and untrue rumor about a David Wright trade to the Phillies.

In the proposed deal, Wright would go to the Phillies in return for Domonic Brown, Vance Worley, and Phillippe Aumont. Personally, I’m not sure I’d do that deal, but all things considered — i.e., Wright’s contract situation and his coming off the worst season of his career — it wouldn’t be a terrible trade for the Mets.

What’s scary, though, is that Neyer termed the deal as


New Year, New Beginning

With hours to go until the New Year, 2011 is taking its final bows, and 2012 is ready for its debut.  Most people look upon the New Year as chance for a fresh start, a chance to evaluate their lives and set new goals – maybe look for a new job, find a new hobby, or reconnect with family and friends.

For the Mets, it’s definitely time for a change.  This is a baseball team in a shambles.  They are millions of dollars in debt, and have taken loans from Major League Baseball in order to stay afloat.  They lost their star shortstop in free agency to a division rival, and traded two key players during the season.  They’ve done little to build the team during the offseason, except adding a mediocre outfielder and three pretty good relief pitchers.  And if the 2012 season goes as poorly as most predict,


2011 Evaluation: Dan Murphy

What to do with Dan Murphy? That’s the burning question in Metsville.

After posting a .320 AVG, .360 OBP, and .809 OPS, Dan Murphy has convinced many that he can hit. But can he field? The jury is out, as there are differences in opinion. Some point to his sparkling UZR as evidence of his ability to play first base. Others insist that his sample size at the position is not large enough to rely on UZR, and still others who have no idea what UZR is saw an awkward first baseman who often looked confused and made frequent mental lapses that overshadowed any positive aspects of his defense.

And then there is the matter of Murphy at second base, a position he seems unable to play without hurting himself. For the second year in a row, Murphy sustained a serious injury due to improper footwork around the bag. We’ve already seen that the outfield is a similarly dangerous place for Murphy to be; although he never hurt himself out there, we saw enough to think he might. He’s probably safest at