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Hot Stove – First Moves

Wow … didn’t take long for the hot stove to heat up. Let’s quickly rake over the first coals. Mets Pick Up Option on Carlos Delgado No surprise here — after his second half, Delgado is a bargain at (gulp) $12M. There’s been speculation that he’d be traded, but I’m not seeing it. It wouldn’t […]

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Loewen Pulling an Ankiel

No, Adam Loewen is not intentionally straining the ligaments in his ankle. Rather, he is following in the footsteps of Rick Ankiel, and reinventing his pro career as a hitter. The 6’6″, lefthanded Loewen was a fine hitter in college with a rocket launcher for an arm, but after being drafted by the Orioles, was […]

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Bad News, Good News

The bad news is that every media outlet will be spouting about some philthy team down I-95 today. The good news is that the Hot Stove Season has officially begun! That means we’ll begin discussing: 1. Free agents to bring back, or unleash 2. Free agents to pursue 3. Trades to conjure and debate 4. […]

08-09 Offseason

Weathering the Storm

Supposedly there is still baseball being played this month — in Philadelphia no less! Can anyone confirm the rumor? Hard to believe anyone in the Northeast would be attempting to play ball in this cold, wet, windy weather. Anyway … with the typhoon-like conditions and snowfall sweeping through our area, I can’t help but pay […]

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Hot Stove Preseason Predictions

The World Series is not yet over, but already there are a slew of mixed messages coming from the media in regard to the Mets. For example, the Mets ARE after Manny, but the Mets are NOT after Manny.The Mets ARE after K-Rod, yet the Mets are NOT after K-Rod. Derek Lowe doesn’t want to […]

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Roster Remake of 2001-2002

This offseason is eerily similar to the one between 2001 and 2002 — when the Mets also were intent on “remaking” the roster, and “addition by subtraction”. The Mets went to the postseason — the World Series, in fact — in 2000, then took a step back in 2001. There were big contracts to dump, […]

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Goodbye Conti Equals Goodbye Pedro?

The Mets announced that Howard Johnson would remain their batting coach for 2009, Dan Warthen will continue as the pitching coach, both Sandy Alomars would return to the staff, Razor Shines will take over as the third base coach, and Randy Niemann will replace Guy Conti as bullpen coach. The lucrative and vital position of […]

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The Mets Makeover

Earlier this week, Mets owner Jeff Wilpon suggested that the Mets’ roster would undergo a makeover: “I think we’re gonna be active in trying to remake our roster. I think I said at a time that I wanna be uh, some addition by subtraction, and I think that will happen. Whether that happens by free […]

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Breaking Down the Jeff Wilpon Interview

In case you missed it, Jeff Wilpon appeared on Miked Up and discussed the Mets. Some of the highlights, and my analysis, follow.

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Mini Trade with Dodgers

OK, my megatrade proposal didn’t go over too well … so let’s pare it down: Mets trade Luis Castillo to the Dodgers straight up for Andruw Jones. Would you do this deal? Jones’ eternal smirk drove me nuts when he wore an Atlanta Braves uniform, but I got used to Tom Glavine’s condescending facial expressions. […]

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Playing for Peanuts

Not sure about you, but the prospect of watching the Phillies in the World Series makes me ill. Still, I have a dire need to watch (consume?) baseball every chance I get. Toward that end, if you are not looking forward to watching the “fightin’ Phils” this week, but would like to be entertained by […]

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Mega-Trade with Dodgers?

There is one great way for the Mets to trade Luis Castillo — and wind up with a gold glover, a #2 starter, and a catcher for now and the next ten years. It DOES involve some sacrifice on the Mets’ part, but it doesn’t include any of their “untouchables”. In fact, the trade wouldn’t […]

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Dumping Castillo

It would appear the Mets are in quite a fix if they intend to deal away Luis Castillo. The most recent rumor is that the Diamondbacks have no interest in trading Eric Byrnes for Castillo — and who can blame them? According to Joel Sherman at the New York Post: … the Diamondbacks considered shipping […]

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Omar Dealing with Brad Pitt?

Finally, the mystery has been revealed as to why Omar Minaya did not make a trade to help push the Mets into the postseason. He was trying to make a trade with this guy: And you can’t blame Omar for mistaking the famous Hollywood actor Brad Pitt for Oakland Athletics general manager Billy Beane. After […]

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Chance of Lowe is Low

Ken Rosenthal is reporting that Derek Lowe would prefer to stay on the West Coast, and “…teammates say he has little interest in playing for the Mets or Yankees.” (Hat tips to ‘Ropolitans and Isuzudude for the link) Of course, money can change most people’s minds about geography. Everyone has their price. But, I don’t […]

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