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Tweet: Hurricane Postpones Shannon’s Fundraiser

Bob Klapisch just tweeted the following about the fundraiser for Shannon Forde.  It will now take place on 11/29.  I’m sure the Mets will have more details soon. Power outages in NJ have forced the postponement of Shannon Forde’s fundraiser until 11-29 @supportshannon #Mets — Bob Klapisch (@BobKlap) October 30, 2012  

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Sandy Update

I sincerely hope everyone is ok after hurricane Sandy’s visit to the east coast. My family and I are safe, and our home is intact. However we are without power so I’m posting this from an iPad on battery power and may not post again for a day or two – depends on when I […]

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26 Years Ago Today…

  When it comes to the Mets, I’m not usually one to dwell on the past.  Especially the 1986 season.  The fact that it’s been so long since the Mets’ last championship is becoming less of a fond memory, and more of an embarrassment with each passing year. That said, it’s a milestone worth acknowledging.  It is, […]

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San Francisco Wins with Giant Ball

The San Francisco Giants won the second game of the 2012 World Series via an old-fashioned method called “execution.” Some may describe SanFran’s strategy as “small ball” but maybe it should be called “giant ball.”

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2012 Analysis: Robert Carson

Might the Mets have found a pair of young, cheap LOOGYs in Robert Carson and Josh Edgin? We’ll get to Edgin soon enough. For now, let’s discuss Carson. Robert Carson first came on the MetsToday radar in July 2010, when

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What To Make of Giants Turnover

From Izzy in the comments section: Check the ’10 Giants lineup. Incredible turnover. Only starter from ’10 is Posey. Also, notice how the Giants, instead of whining about their dimensions and bringing the fences in, they build a team to take full of advantage of their field. Good defense, good pitchers and hustling ballplayers. Too […]

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NLCS Game 7: Random Thoughts

How important is defense? How difficult is it to truly measure defensive proficiency? A great example was the contrast in how shortstop was played by the two men manning the position in this game. Brandon Crawford made all the routine plays, and made a few slightly more-than-routine plays. On the other hand, Pete Kozma was […]

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2012 Analysis: Manny Acosta

How much longer will the Mets wait for Manny Acosta?

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Random Thoughts On NLCS Game 5

Remember when I said the season was over for me? Yeah, that didn’t last. My body found itself in front of the TV due to the magnetic pull of baseball. A few random observations:

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Hope Shines For Shannon Meet and Greet

A friendly reminder that the fundraiser for Mets Media Relations Director, Shannon Forde, is coming up on November 1st.  There will be a dinner and a meet and greet with some beloved Mets players, past and present.  Here are some new details.  Click on the links for more information, and help out any way you […]

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What We Can Learn From Yankees’ Demise

If the Mets had any news, I wouldn’t be posting about the Yankees for a second straight day. But as this is as much a baseball blog as it is a Mets blog, the overwhelming story of the day in New York is the Yankees loss last night to the Tigers. (Funny, isn’t it? The […]

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The Lightning (A)Rod

Living in the New York-Metropolitan area, and listening to sports talk radio during a two-hour commute every day, it’s impossible to avoid the drama surrounding Alex Rodriguez and the Yankees right now. To me, it’s fascinating that the man who some consider the greatest baseball player of all-time is left out of the lineup in […]

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Blog Roundup: Speculation and Reflections

I’m going to try a new format for my link dump today, because I’m kind of bored with the bullet points.  I’ll include the links in paragraph form, like some other sites do.  Instructions: when you see a link, click on it. And away we go… The Mets have begun to make some minor moves […]

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THE Date in Mets History: October 16

Whew…got this in just under the wire. October 16 is arguably the seminal date in Met history. It also has some personal significance as it is my late father’s birthday. More on him in a moment. Some of the biggest moments in Met history have occurred on this date. For example: 1969: The Miracle culminates […]

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Johan Santana Will Return To Minnesota

A few news updates to get you through your Monday, beginning with Johan Santana … Assuming Johan can come back from his season-ending injury, he will return to Minnesota next April.

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