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Prisoners to “Potential?”

Nice win last night. An encouraging outing by Jenrry Mejia and Lucas Duda hits two homers. Duda’s heroics coming the day after he was named the starting first baseman. Maybe it’s age, but the cynic in me wonders what both of these players will do for an encore. Is this the beginning of a solid, […]

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If Ruben Tejada is the Answer, What was the Question?

I wonder if Ruben Tejada did a little dance when news of Wilmer Flores’ demotion to AAA was announced. I’ll bet Omar Quintanilla was happy as well. Barring a trade (yeah right), Tejada and Q will be respectively, the Mets’ opening day shortstop and understudy. Also demoted with Flores was Kirk Nieuwenhuis, meaning both Ike […]

13-14 Offseason

Mets 2014: The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves

“We’ll spend more…if the fans come to the games.” Sandy Alderson, as quoted by Metsblog Imagine any other product or service provider saying this to or about their customers! I am stunned that this comment hasn’t been more widely picked up on and discussed. Where is the outrage? Maybe most of the fan base has […]

13-14 Offseason

Halfway There

Merry Christmas everyone. While the past few years with the Mets have tempered my enthusiasm for baseball somewhat (OK, greatly) this time of year does signal that we’ve reached the halfway point in the offseason. I think “halfway there” also describes the current state of the Mets offseason. FWIW, I do approve of both the […]

13-14 Offseason

Rumors Buzz; Fans Get Stung

Some Winter Meetings so far, eh? Ready for another day of nothing from the Mets? Brace yourself for Sandy Alderson’s parting quotes about “laying the groundwork.” Sure, point to the calendar and say that Opening Day is four months away. Just ignore the fact that the bulk of the player movement has happened and with […]

13-14 Offseason

Goners: Ike, Murphy and…Lagares?

Joe’s recent post asking what three moves each of us would make if we were Mets GM got me to thinking. Given the current state of the Mets franchise, I don’t think that there are three moves that would make much a difference. Because of the Wilpons, I stand by an earlier post that even […]

13-14 Offseason

Cardinal Rules for The Mets

Yes, I get the irony of making this statement in a post built around a trade proposal, but I think we have to be realistic about the Mets this offseason. Given the state of the Wilpon’s finances, I sense that many Mets fans are setting themselves up for further disappointment by expecting GM Sandy Alderson […]

13-14 Offseason

The Mets: Can They Avoid “That Deal?”

There is a passage in Jack Lang’s excellent Mets history book about an early 1970’s confrontation between Lang and then Mets Chairman of the Board M. Donald Grant over Lang’s newspaper column ripping a trade that Grant had orchestrated. “You said we had to make a deal and we made one,” Grant reportedly snarled. “Now […]

13-14 Offseason

About Those Deck Chairs, Captain Smith

The Miami Marlins are a better team than the Mets. This is why have accumulated nearly half of their win total this season against the Mets, not because “they have the Mets number.” Since baseball seasons are long and unforgiving, there is still a chance that the Marlins can pull even and possibly pass the […]

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No Offense, Mets Lose in 20

Well, at least this year’s tease only lasted a week. In a season that could end up being historically bad, the Mets played one of their longest games ever Saturday and along the way also set a team record for men left on base. The team’s struggles, especially on offense, should come as no surprise […]

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Just Call Him Up Already

In case you missed it, Zack Wheeler had another great outing on Saturday night. Wheeler, the New York Mets’ top pitching prospect, threw 7 1/3 innings of two-run ball and struck out seven on Saturday for Triple-A Las Vegas. He gave up six hits and walked one. According to ESPN, over his last three starts, […]

Mets 2013 Games

The Mets: Wait Until Next Year?

In case you missed it, FOX and MLB Network contributor Ken Rosenthal said last week that the Mets won’t contend until 2015, at the earliest. I am not a big fan of Rosenthal but I agree whole-heartedly with him. Yes, it’s nice to think that things are about to turn around, but that notion is […]

Mets 2013 Games

The Mets: New Nails, El Hombre, Balance, Go Nats and Leaving Las Vegas

Perhaps I am clutching at straws, but the nagging hurts plaguing the Mets projected everyday lineup may prove to be a blessing in disguise.

2013 Spring Training

The Mets: A Saga of Three Outfielders

Our story begins last July, when the Mets, after a promising start to the 2012 season have once again fallen out of contention. The July 31st trade deadline is looming and the hope among the Mets faithful is that General Manager Sandy Alderson can spin some of his veteran players into prospect gold. One obvious […]

12-13 Offseason

The Mets: How Bad Will 2013 Be?

So the R.A. Dickey trade not only removed a 20-game winner from the rotation, it failed to address a single immediate pressing need for the 2013 season. Remember GM Sandy Alderson’s quip about “What Outfield?” Maybe he should skip the jokes and go back to –err what is his job again? Sarcasm aside, I will […]

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