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The 1986 World Series
The New York Mets 1986 World Series Collector\'s EditionCould it be any cooler? This is the DVD collection of all seven broadcasts of the greatest World Series ever played: the 1986 Mets vs. the Boston Red Sox.

Won’t it be fun to see Jesse Orosco throwing his glove in the air? How about watching the trembling Calvin Schiraldi crumble like a stale cookie as the Bosox two-run lead vaporized?

I’m not sure anything beats seeing the graphic on the screen stating “Marty Barrett has been named the World Series MVP” … just moments before the excitement began. (Although it’s a close second to seeing that stupid grin wiped off Dave Henderson’s face.)

And then there’s poor Bill Buckner …

Oh, and did I mention the collection includes the greatest playoff game ever played? That’s right, you also get the heart-stopping Game Six marathon between the Mets and the Mike Scottless Houston Astros. It doesn’t get any better than this, folks!

The 2000 Subway Series
2000 Official World Series Video - New York Yankees vs. New York Mets OK, so it wasn’t the best World Series the Mets ever played, but at least they were there! This 70-minute film includes 50 minutes of game action, with all the highlights from the Subway Series vs. the crosstown New York Yankees. See Clemens remove Piazza’s manhood, John Franco win Game Three, and wonder all over again just how the heck a team with Benny Agbayani, Jay Payton, and Timo Perez in the outfield could get this far.

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