Buzz Baloney

2007 – 2008 Hot Stove

Enough of the “buzz” … we’re going to track all of it and look back at the end of the winter to see what was real and what was baloney.

The Tracy Ringolsby Rumor Mill

Nov 29, 2007 – Ringolsby claims

… the Rockies are close to re- signing veteran Mark Redman and are trying to finalize a deal for veteran Steve Trachsel. (link)

As of 1/26/2008, Trax remained unsigned — though Redman did eventually re-sign.

Nov. 30, 2007 – Ringolsby comments include Jason Jennings is interested in San Diego, though the KC Royals are making a push and the Astros would like to retain him. He was, however, right on in saying that the frontrunners for Hiroki Kuroda were LA and Seattle.

Jan. 4, 2008
– Ringolsby has “overheard” …

Right-hander Clement, hoping to return after missing a year because of surgery, appears to be focusing on Cleveland and Pittsburgh. A selling point for him is the proximity to the home he recently built in Butler, Pa.

Mets Trade of Prospects

Mets online beat writer Marty Noble recently went on record as saying:

“The Mets are not inclined to include more than two of their six prospects in any one trade. And if they were to include two or three in one package, they would limit themselves in this way: Milledge plus Fernando Martinez or Gomez and neither Pelfrey nor Mulvey. Or Gomez and Pelfrey and Humber. Or Milledge, Mulvey and a lesser prospect.”

In other words, Omar Minaya will be handing out Chinese menu – style pamphlets, with the instructions, “one from column A, two from column B, … ”

Yorvit Torrealba

Several sources claim the Mets have offered Yorvit Torrealba a 3-year, $15M contract to be their starting catcher or platoon with Ramon Castro. Sources include Ben Shipgel, Ken Rosenthal, Ken Davidoff / Dave Lennon. Interestingly, hack Marty Noble says it will be a two-year deal.

Nov. 15 UPDATE: Andrew Marchand reports on ESPN that Torrealba will sign a 3/15 deal with the Mets on Thursday. He cites agent Melvin Roman as the source. Score one for the pundits!

Paul LoDuca

On November 12, Ken Rosenthal states: “The Mets are expected to re-sign Paul LoDuca if they fail to lure Jorge Posada from the Yankees.”

Alex Rodriguez

Nov. 14th: During an appearance on WFAN, Daily News reporter Mark Feinsand said he believes free-agent 3B Alex Rodriguez will be back with the Yankees within the next four or five days.

Mike Lowell

Nov. 15: Buster Olney is saying the Phillies are making a push for Mike Lowell — hat tip to Hot Foot, since I’m too damn cheap and refuse on principle to pay for access to Buster’s blog.

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