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Yanks Get Wood, Fish Get LOOGY

The first-place New York Yankees traded a player to be named later to the Indians for reliever Kerry Wood and cash. The Yanks will pay for only $1.5M of the $3.71 left on Wood’s contract.

How do the Yankees keep picking up solid Major Leaguers without (a) giving up much in return and (b) not paying their entire salaries?

In other news, the Florida Marlins have acquired LHP Will Ohman for RHP Rick Vanden Hurk. A curious deal, since their trade of Jorge Cantu earlier this week suggested they were “sellers” and not “buyers”. But “sellers” do not make deals for 32-year-old situational lefthanders.

I’m not certain, but the Vanden Hurk (Netherlands) – Ohman (Germany) deal may be the first one-for-one, all-European trade in MLB history. Can someone confirm one way or the other?

Meanwhile, the Mets are standing pat. They are very confident in their bullpen personnel.


Salomon Torres Retires

In a surprise move, Brewers closer Salomon Torres retired from baseball last week. Yeah, we’re a week late here but it takes a while for the pony express to get here from Wisconsin.

Torres chose to quit baseball in order to devote more time to serving God and his family.

Torres had the best season of his up-and-down career, saving 28 games and posting a 3.49 ERA for Milwaukee, who despite the retirement, chose to pick up the $3.5M option on his contract. The startling news further weakens an already emaciated Brewer bullpen, and puts them in the market for just about any relievers that are available.

So, add another team looking for a closer … and a setup man … and a few middle relievers … and a LOOGY.

Will this adversely affect the Mets’ pursuit of bullpen help? Possibly. While the Brewers aren’t likely to outbid the Mets on anyone, they could pluck some bargains (Kerry Wood) and have enough young talent to deal away for someone such as Huston Street or Bobby Jenks.


Beimel and Other Oddities

According to Ken Rosenthal, the Mets have LHP Joe Beimel on their “wish list”:

Add left-hander Joe Beimel to the list of free-agent relievers on the Mets’ wish list. The team also is expected to investigate free-agent closers Francisco Rodriguez, Brian Fuentes and Kerry Wood, and will examine trades and internal solutions while reconstructing its bullpen. As for position players, the Mets maintain interest in outfielder Raul Ibanez, whom they tried to acquire last July and now can sign as a free agent. ..

Not clear on why the Mets would be interested in YALOOGY (Yet Another Lefthanded One-Out Guy), since they already have two of them on their roster. Both Pedro Feliciano and Scott Schoeneweis could have been as effective as Beimel was last year, if only they were used properly. You see, Beimel was used almost exclusively as a “one-out guy” by Joe Torre. In other words, Torre generally didn’t try to use Beimel as a “4-out guy”, a two-inning reliever, a closer, nor as a setup man. Yes, Beimel was effective and his ERA was sparkling in his limited role — but watch those numbers bloat when Jerry Manuel starts using him in every situation under the sun.

Kerry Wood is intriguing, on a short contract, but he likely will command a three-year deal at minimum — something I’m not sure he’ll be able to fulfill considering his long history of arm injuries. Fuentes is definitely not worth the 3-year / $36M+ that the market is suggesting. I’m not seeing the Mets buy K-Rod for the 5-year commitment he’s seeking.

Raul Ibanez is not a surprise, considering the rumors from July. I was totally against trading anyone with a pulse for him at the deadline, and as a “Type A” free agent, I’m not sure he’s worth surrendering a #1 pick. Let’s wait and see if the Mariners offer arbitration — if they don’t, he’s someone to consider in a left field platoon, on a one- or two-year deal. However, if he doesn’t hit, he’s useless. I compare the erosion of his overall game to Shawn Green’s tenure as a Met.

Also in Rosenthal’s column:

Free-agent infielder David Eckstein is making it known that he wants to play second base next season.

Hmmm …. file that thought, just in case ….

Next post: we discuss Javier Vazquez.