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Mets Game 100: Win Over Mariners

Mets 3 Mariners 1 Mets top Mariners to reach one win away from being .500 in the second half.

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Mets Game 99: Loss To Mariners

Mariners 5 Mets 2 Mets pitchers were much more efficient than Seattle’s (123 pitches to 164), and the Mets offense collected at least one hit in every single inning. However, the final score numbers are the ones that matter most.

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Mets Game 98: Loss To Padres

Padres 2 Mets 1 At least they weren’t no-hit.

Mets 2014 Games

Mets Game 90: Win Over Braves

Mets 8 Braves 3 Mets lambast Braves, and well on their way toward sweeping the series and making a big run for the postseason.

Mets 2014 Games

Mets Game 89: Win Over Braves

Mets 4 Braves 3 Mets avoid the possibility of being swept at home by beating the Braves in game one of a four-game set.

Mets 2014 Games

Mets Game 88: Win Over Rangers

Mets 8 Rangers 4 Mets win a series!

Mets 2014 Games

Mets Game 87: Loss To Rangers

Rangers 5 Mets 3 Mets lose to Rangers but remain .500 over their last two games.

Mets 2014 Games

Mets Game 86: Win Over Rangers

Mets 6 Rangers 5 Mets finally win a one-run game.

Mets 2014 Games

Mets Game 85: Loss To Braves

Braves 3 Mets 1 Mets swept by Braves and are oh-for-July. At least it wasn’t another one-run loss(?).

Mets 2014 Games

Are Mets Buyers or Sellers?

Quick question for you: are the Mets buyers, or sellers, with the trade deadline looming? Why or why not?

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Mets Not Worst In June

Good news, Mets fans: after being the worst team in MLB in May, the Mets were NOT the worst team in June. In fact, they weren’t even the worst team in the National League. That’s right — the Mets’ 11-17 record in June was a far cry from Colorado’s 8-20. But, the bottom four teams […]

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Mets Game 84: Loss To Braves

Braves 5 Mets 4 The final score reflects a one-run game, but for some reason, it didn’t feel that close. Oh by the way, the Mets are now 10 games under .500. Mets Game Notes Against the best pitching in the league, the Mets scored runs. Then, Daisuke Matsuzaka would render the scoring useless by […]

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RIP Frank Cashen

Rest in peace, Frank Cashen, who passed away at the age of 88. Cashen was the architect — and I really do believe that’s the correct term — of the Baltimore Orioles winning ORGANIZATION. Not team, organization. He created “The Oriole Way” that is now used as a marketing tagline by the Ripken brothers. Cashen […]

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Mets Game 83: Loss To Braves

Braves 5 Mets 3 Three errors in one inning lead to four runs — and that’s the ballgame, folks.

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Mets Game 82: Loss To Pirates

Pirates 5 Mets 2 Mets drop three of four against a .500 club, falling to 8 games below .500 themselves.

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