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Mets Game 141: Win Over Marlins

Mets 1 Marlins 0

With this victory, the Mets have reached a significant milestone: 70 wins on the season! It also puts them one game closer to that elusive and magical .500 mark.

Speaking of wins, the Phillies have 90, and the Braves over 80. But so what?


Will Izzy Go to Philly?

If the tweets of Adam Rubin and Steve Popper are any indication, Jason Isringhausen has yet to decide whether or not to accept the Mets’ “offer” of staying in warm and sunny Florida to further build up his arm.

Considering that Brad Lidge will be out for 3-6 weeks with a shoulder issue, one must wonder if the Phillies would be interested in adding Izzy to the back of their bullpen.


Boyer In, Acosta Out, Bay To DL?

Contrary to reports from last night, Manny Acosta will NOT make the Mets’ Opening Day roster — he has been designated for assignment — and Blaine Boyer WILL be the final piece to the bullpen puzzle.

Personally, I agree with Matt Himelfarb, in that there isn’t all that much difference between Acosta and Boyer. Though, Boyer is “new” and “different” so maybe that makes him better in our minds.

To me, Acosta was similar to Jorge Sosa: someone who could throw really hard and get swings and misses, be effective for a short term, but inevitably get pounded and give up the long ball because he throws one speed and tends to get too much of the plate at too high a location. Acosta could change leagues and look awesome for a month, but eventually go back to being the guy he is — but because he looked lights out for a little while, the team might kid itself into believing he can do it again, and thus be continually put into situations to fail.

In other news, Adam Rubin is reporting that Jason Bay is injured and could be headed for the DL. Before you say “hooray, Nick Evans makes the team!”, you must understand that because Evans is already on waivers, he can’t be added to the 25-man roster. Thus, Lucas Duda (who has options remaining) is likely to make the team instead.

Is it me or does this roster mismanagement remind you of a previous regime?

Also, as Matt Cerrone points out,

… this could mean that, on days when Carlos Beltran gets a day off, the outfield will be Duda, Angel Pagan and Willie Harris. What just happened?

Though, Andy McCullough reports (via Twitter) that there’s a possibility Evans clears waivers this afternoon, in which case he could be added back to the roster to take Bay’s place.

Is your head spinning yet?


Manny Acosta Makes Final Bullpen Spot?

According to The New York Times, the Mets have asked Jason Isringhausen to stay back in Port St. Lucie to further build up his arm strength. Additionally, they have asked Blaine Boyer to consider a minor-league assignment, rather than exercising his option to become a free agent. Earlier in the day, Pat Misch was placed on waivers.

These moves mean that Manny Acosta makes the team, filling the final bullpen spot. This decision should please MetsToday’s occasional guest columnist Matt Himelfarb.

Per The Times, Isringhausen is open to staying in Florida — and why not? His training regimen started when he reported to Port St. Lucie, after tooling around in softball games, so he knows he’s probably not in shape to pitch against MLB hitters on a regular basis. Further, posed with the option of staying in sunny Florida for a few extra weeks to get in shape or hanging out in the bullpen during the cold, wet, winterlike conditions the New York area will experience in early April, and the decision is easy — stay warm!

As for Boyer, it will be interesting to see what he decides to do. The Mets were concerned that the flamethrowing, gopherballing Acosta would be claimed by another team if exposed to waivers. But, Boyer has proven this spring to be healthy and just as effective — plus, he has a history of success prior to his arm problems. If a team would claim Acosta, then one would assume there is a team out there that would pick up Boyer if he made himself available. Time will tell.


2010 Analysis: Manny Acosta

Who would have thought, before the 2010 season began, that Manny Acosta would appear in 41 games for the New York Mets? As some may point out, Acosta is similar to Mariano Rivera in that he’s righthanded and from Panama; unfortunately, that’s where the similarity ends.

The stringbean reliever with the 95-MPH fastball was plucked from Braves on the waiver wire just prior to Opening Day and began the season in AAA Buffalo. He finished the year with a sparkling 2.95 ERA, 42 Ks in 39 IP, and a 1.21 WHIP. Looking at the stat line, it would seem he had a heckuva season; why didn’t it feel that way?

Maybe it had something to do with the 13 (of 31) inherited runners he allowed to score – the 8th-highest total in the NL – a rate of 42%. That’s not a very good percentage; the league average is 31% and the only Met with a higher rate was Raul Valdes (46%). So if it seemed to you like Acosta was routinely giving up big hits with men on base, well, he was. Additionally, the bugaboo throughout his career has been an inability to consistently throw strikes. His walk rate was 4.1 per 9 innings, which, again, is not great – particularly for a reliever.

2011 Projection

I don’t know if or where Acosta fits into the Mets plans for 2011. He’s not the worst reliever and he does light up the radar gun in the 95-96 MPH range. But at age 29, he pretty much is what he is and likely won’t improve much – he appears to be one of those “live arms” who never translate the skill into consistent performance. Since the Mets jacked up his value by letting him appear in 41 ballgames, and he has that shiny ERA and strikeout rate, another team is likely to pick him up if the Mets don’t re-sign him. However, I’d be inclined to offer him a minor-league deal for 2011 and if he refuses, let him walk.