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Link Roundup: Banner Day and Matt Harvey

Banner Day

As you may have heard, the game on May 26th was moved to 8 PM to accommodate ESPN’s broadcast.  May 26th is Banner Day.  Many fans felt passionate that Banner Day should be a day game, as is tradition.  And the Mets have listened.  They’re giving you, the fan, a chance to vote on what date Banner Day should now take place.  Should it remain on the 26th, or be moved to another date, like the 11th?

Looking ahead to the season, one positive we have to look forward to is the continued development of RHP Matt Harvey.  He clearly has the raw stuff, mechanics, and makeup to be a number one or two starter, but the proof is in the pudding.  Harvey will have to be more consistent with his command to maintain success at the major league level.

Harvey has qualified for Sports Illustrated’s “Verducci Effect” list in 2013, however.  It’s a system of analysis that SI writer Tom Verducci took largely from former Mets pitching coach Rick Peterson.  How legitimate is the Verducci Effect?  In recent years, some people feel it’s been largely unreliable.

The Mets signed ol’ reliable Pedro Feliciano to a minor league contract.  You got any complaints about that?

Finally, looking back at Mets history, Rising Apple pays a nice tribute to Tommie Agee.


Blog Roundup: Mets > NFL Replacement Refs

Don’t look now, but the Mets have won 4 in a row.  How’d they do it?  By beating up on teams that are even less competent than they are.  They swept the hapless Marlins in a series that Mets’ radio announcer Josh Lewin described as “schadenfreude theater.”  It was nice to see another team implode for a change.  Then they won the first game of the series against the Pirates, a team that has echoed the Mets’ pattern of getting off to a hot start, only to collapse in the second half.  Ike Davis hit 2 home runs in the game to raise his tally to 30 for the season.  Who woulda thunk it (to coin a phrase)?

To the Blogs:

For more bright spots, keep reading Mets Today.


Blog Roundup: Sputtering to the Finish

The good news: Matt Harvey finished up a very promising abbreviated season with 7 innings of one-hit ball.  The bad news: Josh Edgin, making his first (and maybe last) appearance as closer, gave up a two-run homer to Ryan Howard, which gave the Phillies a 3-2 win, and their second win of the 3 game series.

Once again, the Mets couldn’t score more than 2 runs.  Their offense has been futile, especially at home.  I believe the exact statistic is “they haven’t scored bupkis in ever.”  It’s hard to imagine anything short of an overhaul of their lineup will fix their current conundrum.  But that’s the task that faces Sandy Alderson this winter.

The Blogs:

  • MMO weighs in on how many years is too many for David Wright.
  • The Bitter Bill ranks the current team in the pantheon of Mets futility.
  • Ted Berg goes in-depth on Matt Harvey’s performance this year.
  • WFAN makes it official – Keith Hernandez will shave off the ol’ push broom before the home finale.
  • Rising Apple says that the MLB Commish has confidence in Mets ownership.  Sigh.
  • Faith and Fear writes of bad pitches and bitter losses.

Hang in there folks, only two weeks to go.  And keep checking out Mets Today.