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Curb Your Enthusiasm

When asked about Dan Murphy’s attempted steal of third base in Saturday night’s game against the Braves, Mets manager Terry Collins explained,

“It was an error of enthusiasm. He was trying to create something that wasn’t there.”

Note to Murph re: that enthusiasm: curb it.


Carlos Beltran Moves to Right Field

In case you missed it, Carlos Beltran announced that he would move to RF permanently, and allow Angel Pagan to spend the rest of spring training getting ready to play centerfield.

A classy move by Beltran, who did not look great in center after coming off the DL last year, and is clearly still affected by his knee problems. Maybe Beltran can still play a great centerfield on occasion, but it’s doubtful he’d be able to do it consistently and remain healthy through 140-160 games.

Beltran’s announcement also lets Terry Collins off the hook. Collins had put the ball in Beltran’s court, and that decision could have turned ugly if Beltran chose to stay in center and play the position at a level similar to what we saw in August and September of 2010. Imagine if Beltran insisted that he could and would continue to play centerfield, and resembled Willie Mays circa 1973? It would have been a delicate and potentially distracting situation for Collins to deal with.

On the one hand, it is absolutely wonderful that Beltran quashed this minor controversy early on in camp; it’s one less potentially negative issue for the Mets to deal with. On the other hand, it speaks volumes about Beltran’s health — or lack thereof. Beltran is a fiercely prideful player and a world-class athlete; to give up his position in February suggests that he knows he cannot play the field the way he wants to today, and is not confident he’ll be able to get back to where he used to be in the future. My guess is that he is dealing with significant pain, and/or feels limited in his ability to chase down fly balls. Speaking from experience, it is an emotionally crushing moment when an athlete realizes that he/she can no longer execute a particular skill due to physical limitation, and denial is often the first response. The fact that Beltran came to acceptance at this fairly early point suggests to me that he is either incredibly level-headed and self-aware, or is in much more pain / discomfort than we realize.

What do you think? Did Carlos make the right decision? Or would you have preferred he continued to test out the knee and see how things worked out, and made his choice later in the spring?


Is Terry Collins Detached from Reality, or Playing Head Games?

I realize that Terry Collins hasn’t been in a big-league dugout as an MLB skipper in over a decade, and many things have changed in the game over that time. For example, the scorecards look different now, and people track a few more statistics since the 20th century. The players don’t wear stirrups anymore, and they’re not allowed to drink “special coffee” before the games.

However, even in the old days, I don’t ever remember a dropped ball causing a player’s skills to erode, or to cause injuries.

In his first conversation with second baseman Luis Castillo, Collins brought up


Darryl Strawberry Says Mets Should Have Hired Backman

As reported on The New York Times:

Darryl Strawberry said the Mets should have hired Wally Backman as manager instead of Terry Collins. Mr. Strawberry played with Mr. Backman on the Mets’ 1986 championship team. “Wally will be the next manager of the Mets,” Mr. Strawberry said Tuesday. “I thought he would have been the right choice for them at this point.”

Oh boy … spring training hasn’t even started and already Terry Collins’ job is being debated.

If the Mets perform as poorly as expected — i.e., not be in the running for a playoff spot — how many more times are we going to see news like this? In other words, will Terry Collins be constantly looking over his shoulder, and/or have his job publicly debated?

Loyal readers of MetsToday know that I supported Backman for manager. However, in a way I’m glad he didn’t get the job now, considering the uphill (and downhill) battle that appears ahead. With the tight budget of this year, the expected turnover / overhaul of the roster next year, and lack of young talent to count on going forward, the next 2 years are going to be difficult. And when things don’t go well, someone has to take the blame — deserved or not. What Terry Collins has ahead of him in regard to the court of public opinion is no cakewalk.


Mets Get a D for Terry Collins

Jon Heyman of SI.com recently posted a “report card” of the managerial hirings this winter. In the article, he gave the Mets a “D+” for the hiring of Terry Collins, rating it #10 of 10 hirings — in other words, dead last.

If you have been reading MetsToday for at least a month, you know that Terry Collins was not my favorite choice. Despite that, I can’t put much stock into Heyman’s report card.


Comments On Terry Collins Press Conference

The official coronation of Terry Collins occurred today, but I’m at work so didn’t see it live. I’m sure I’ll hear some kind of reaction to it on sportstalk radio for my evening ride home, but in the meantime if you saw the press conference please post your comments by clicking that quote-cloud thing at the right of this post’s title. Thanks.