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Dillon Gee Starts Tonight – Maybe

According to MetsBlog, the Mets starting rotation has been reshuffled, with Dillon Gee starting tonight — if there is a ballgame.

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Mailbag: The Difference Between Bobby Parnell and Craig Kimbrel

From the MetsToday email inbox, a reader writes: Hi Joe, As a Met fan displaced in North Carolina, I very much enjoy reading your insights into the club, so please continue the good work. I wonder if you might provide your thoughts on Bobby Parnell. His inconsistency has been frustrating to say the least. His […]

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Are the Mets for Real?

After a tough stretch against the Nationals and Yankees that saw the Mets drop 5 of 6, it’s time to ask the question at the back of every Mets fans mind. Are the Mets contenders this year? Will the Mets play meaningful September baseball for the first time since 2008? Luckily, thanks to sabermetrics, we […]

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Symptom Treated – But Now What’s the Cure?

Unsurprisingly, Manny Acosta has been designated for assignment, which means he can’t pour gasoline on fires in Flushing for at least a week. There is a possibility, however, that he brings his Fahrenheit 451-style fireman skills to Buffalo. But let’s not think about that for now. Yes, we’ve been screaming for Acosta’s removal since late […]

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The Mets Might Not Be Good This Season, But They Won’t Be As Bad As Everyone Thinks

It is no secret right now in New York sports that the Mets are a second-class citizen when compared to the Yankees. They are in financial ruin, their tickets sell for pennies on the dollar on secondary markets, they haven’t made the playoffs since 2006, they haven’t won a World Series since 1986, and aren’t […]

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Taking a Look at Who the Mets Should Add to their 40-Man Roster on September 1st

After being swept in rather embarrassing fashion at the hands of the playoff-bound Milwaukee Brewers this weekend at Citi Field, it became clear to Mets players, fans, and management that this incarnation of the New York Mets has no shot at reaching the 2011 MLB playoffs. So the prudent move right now for the organization […]

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Who’s Next for Mets Bullpen?

The Mets bullpen now is 28th out of 30 in MLB in ERA (4.48), 28th in batting average against (.264), 27th in OPS allowed (.748), and 26th in WHIP (1.47). They do, however, lead all of MLB in one category: stolen bases allowed (25). Clearly, some changes need to be made in terms of personnel. […]

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Might Millwood Make Sense for Mets?

Kicking the tires on Kevin Millwood seems to be an annual activity for the New York Mets. Though, in previous seasons, he was considered as a pitcher who might be a “final piece” to help the Mets gain a postseason appearance. This time, the situation is different for the Mets, and Millwood has changed as […]

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Mets Starting Pitching Depth

The recent news that Chris Young would go back on the DL — and that his shoulder injury might be serious enough to warrant an extended absence — brought to light a glaring issue in the Mets’ organization: their starting pitching depth. Or more aptly, their lack of it.

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Izzy To Be Setup Man?

Per Anthony DiComo on Mets.com:

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Poll: Cliff Lee or Ted Lilly?

Joel Sherman is reporting that the Mets have interest in Cliff Lee and would not require a a negotiating window to extend his contract. In other words, the Mets would be renting Lee, most likely for Jenrry Mejia and Angel Pagan. And even if the Mets can outbid other suitors, such as the Twins, for […]

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Quote of the Day: May 31, 2010

In an earlier post, I outlined some of the possibilities surrounding the future of Oliver Perez. Mike Puma of the NY Post reports that several Mets players want Ollie gone asap. One of the unnamed players had a great line about how the Mets might use Ollie if he stays in the bullpen: “What, we […]

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What Will Become of Ollie?

With the Mets suddenly in the thick of the NL East race with a 26-25 record, they continue to look for an answer to the Oliver Perez situation. Right now, Ollie is languishing in the bullpen after refusing to go to Buffalo to work out his problems in AAA. Neither the Mets nor Team Ollie […]

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What To Do With Oliver Perez

After yet another painful showing, it’s time to wonder what in the world the Mets should do with Oliver Perez. Perez pitched into the fourth inning only because of a combination of great defense, sheer luck, and illogical managing by Bruce Bochy. In truth, Perez never should have made it out of the second frame. […]

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Garland, Sheets Off the Table

Remove the garland from the Christmas tree, and get Lazy Mary to pull the sheets from her bed. A little late on this, but reporting it so you can post your comments — Ben Sheets agreed to a one-year, $10M deal with the Oakland Athletics, and Jon Garland signed a one-year, $4.7M deal with the […]

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