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Where To Shop Jason Isringhausen

K-Rod is gone and we’ve covered Carlos Beltran. Next on the trading block is Jason Isringhausen, who has proven to be healthy and effective in a setup role for the Mets. Do you know how many teams can use an effective middle- / late-inning reliever? About 29.

The fact the Mets picked up Izzy for virtually nothing and have turned him into a trading chip is to be commended — but it’s also time to trade in that chip. Considering the dearth of decent relief pitching available, I truly believe that a postseason-contending team would be willing to give up a decent prospect for a reliable setup man such as Isringhausen. Maybe not a top-ten prospect, but possibly a top-15, and at worst a top-20. And a top-20 prospect would be welcome indeed in return for a 38-year-old reliever whose contract expires at the end of the year.

So where might the Mets shop Izzy? Here are a few possibilities:


Reds Interested in Isringhausen

Fox Sports is reporting that the Cincinnati Reds are looking for middle relief pitching and have considered Mets reliever Jason Isringhausen in trade talks.

Reds have had internal discussions about a number of middle and setup relievers. The list includes Jim Johnson and Koji Uehara of the Orioles; Jason Isringhausen of the Mets; Jason Frasor of the Blue Jays; and Todd Coffey of the Nationals.

Cincinnati general manager Walt Jocketty is familiar with Isringhausen from their time together in St. Louis, and Isringhausen pitched in the Cincinnati system last year.

Before deciding on joining the Mets this year, the Reds offered Isringhausen  a spot in their spring training camp.


Jason Isringhausen: Circle Complete

Jason Isringhausen is not supposed to be in discussion to close for the Mets. Jason Isringhausen is not supposed to be in baseball. Yet, Jason Isringhausen is now one of the Mets closers.

He went from a feel good story to the set up man; Jason Isringhausen has been the most surprising Met this season. Right, there’s Dillon Gee, but he’s not 38 years old. Gee didn’t go through what Izzy has. Gee never had 5 major arm surgeries (even though he’s on the cusp of one). The curious season of Jason Isringhausen is a reminder of where Jason should have been his whole career.

A 44th round pick in 1991, he was traded in 1999 to the Oakland Athletics for reliever Billy Taylor, who lasted half a season with the Mets. He then went on to dominate in Oakland, saving 75 games over two and a quarter seasons. He led his team to the playoffs, solidifying Billy Beane’s theory of Moneyball.

He went to St. Louis as a free agent in 2002 and led the league in saves in 2004 with 47. He was second in the league in 2005 with a 2.14 earned run average. Jason Isringhausen was on the team that beat the Mets in Game 7 of the NLCS in 2006.

He was supposed to be closing for the Cardinals that season. He was the closer until a hip injury sidelined him for the post season. And here he is, 11 years after being traded because manager Bobby Valentine didn’t want to use him as a reliever. “You wouldn’t use an Indy car as a taxi in New York City,” said Valentine to the New York Daily News in 1999. Bobby Valentine was wrong.

The Mets announced that Pedro Beato, Bobby Parnell, and Jason Isringhausen will be splitting the duties of closer after trading Francisco Rodriguez. Isringhausen is not supposed to have a 3.14 ERA.  He was supposed to be a media stunt. He’s 7 saves from 300 in his career. He is closing in Flushing.

They say “what goes around comes around”, and in the case of Izzy, it’s true — he’s come full circle.

Did you expect Izzy to be this good, back in February when the Mets signed him? Post your thoughts in the comments.


Parnell Endorsed By K-Rod As Mets Next Closer

This season Francisco Rodriguez has served as a bullpen mentor for Bobby Parnell, even endorsing the hard-throwing righty just last week.

Rodriguez said this about Parnell’s closing abilities:

He can do it and he knows it. I love that kid. I talk to him a lot and I love him. He’s a guy who comes here everyday trying to improve himself to get better and better. He definitely has the tools.

Parnell was crowned the 8th-inning man for the Mets in spring training but had a 6.14 ERA in April when he was placed on the disabled list with circulatory issues in his right hand. Since returning to the Mets on June 2nd, he regularly hit 100 mph  on radar guns, has only 3 earned runs in 17 1/3 innings with a 1.56 ERA.

GM Sandy Alderson told reporters on Wednesday that there are strong candidates in the existing bullpen who can take on the closer role.

Izzy has been in that role before, and pitched effectively in that role and effectively for us, this year. And the way Bobby Parnell has thrown the last three weeks or so has been impressive and also was a factor.

Alderson went on to say that those decisions will be best left up for Terry Collins and pitching coach Dan Warthen to address.


Isringhausen To Stay in Port St. Lucie

Adam Rubin has reported that Jason Isringhausen will remain back in Port St. Lucie for at least another two weeks. However, that’s no guarantee that he’ll be with the Mets in the near future.

Per Rubin’s post:

If another team approaches Isringhausen in the interim about a major league opportunity, the Mets must either call up Izzy or let him depart.

“It’s in their hands,” Isringhausen said. “If another team wants me, what we’ve talked about is they have the right to call me up or let me go.”