Where To Shop Carlos Beltran

Sandy Alderson stated very clearly that the trade of K-Rod did not signal any kind of “fire sale” and certainly had no impact on Carlos Beltran‘s situation.

Direct from Sandy:

As I’ve said on occasion, I’d like to see Carlos with us as we continue this run. At some point, the interest already expressed by those clubs will be reaffirmed, and we will have some conversations. I do want to make it clear the Rodriguez trade should not signal anything to anyone about Beltran.

OK, Sandy, we believe you (wink wink). So we’ll just pretend for a few minutes that Beltran is actually on the block, and examine possible landing spots for the switch-hitting slugger — just for fun!


We saw firsthand that the Giants can’t hit — and they still beat the Mets two out of three. They need a bat like Beltran’s in the lineup to fend off the second-place Diamondbacks.

What? The Pirates? Why not? They are above .500 for the first time since George Bush was President — the FIRST George Bush. Despite being 22nd in MLB in runs scored, the Bucs are only one game out in the NL Central. The team owes the city of Pittsburgh a serious run this year, and a rental such as Beltran could be just the thing they need to stay in the race through the end of the year while also making a statement to their beleaguered fans that the team is serious about winning.

The Angels are only a few runs better than the Bucs, and might be inclined to consider an upgrade over current DH Bobby Abreu, who is getting on base (.394 OBP) but not hitting with power (3 HR, .363 SLG).

Left fielder Sam Fuld is hitting .238. The Rays are 6 games behind the AL East leaders but creeping close to the top of the standings. Beltran could be the jolt they need to sneak past the Yankees and/or Red Sox.

This one is probably a long shot, but they are only three games behind the Giants and Beltran could be a difference-maker. Their current left fielder Gerardo Parra is having a decent year, but not exactly putting up the numbers you normally want from that position; I wonder if they would consider putting Parra in a deal for Beltran? Also, would the D-Backs acquire Beltran to keep him away from the Giants?

Philies and Braves
Both of these teams are desperate for a corner outfielder who can hit. However, I’m just not seeing the Mets helping one of those two teams this year.

Did I miss any teams? Let me know in the comments, and be sure to explain your case.

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