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Piazza Enjoying Retirement

Mike Piazza managed the U.S team to a 6-4 victory over the World Team in the annual Futures Game at Chase Field on Sunday.

When asked about the Roger Clemens steroids trial Piazza replied with a smile:

“I really don’t want to say anything on that, I just want to enjoy the day. It’s about the kids today.”

Having landed the coaching gig a few days prior — Piazza was already headed there to participate in the Celebrity Softball Game — Piazza’s responsibilities included pre-game and post-game interviews, waving at the crowd when his name was announced and offering pointers to players.

Piazza’s work also includes being the batting coach for Team Italy. He worked with the team during Spring Training and will travel to Panama in late September for the Word Championship.

The beloved Met catcher sporting a Mets cap during the game said that he “loves the game but doesn’t want to work every day and is discussing options with people, nothing real concrete.”

As a Mets catcher for 8 seasons, Piazza seems the next most likely player to be inducted to the Hall of Fame as a New York Met.


MLB Union Not Protesting All Star Game

With over a quarter of major league baseball being Hispanic, it was thought that some players would sit out the 2011 All Star game due to Arizona’s controversial Immigration Laws.

According to Fox Sports, the head of the MLB players union, Michael Weiner, issued a definitive no-protest statement yesterday:

“Our nation continues to wrestle with serious issues regarding immigration, prejudice and the protection of individual liberties. Those matters will not be resolved at Chase Field, nor on any baseball diamond; instead they will be addressed in Congress and in statehouses and in courts by those charged to find the right balance among the competing and sincerely held positions brought to the debate.”

Many grassroots organizations will be mounting protests outside of Chase Field during the three-day events. One organization said that they were disappointed that the MLB players weren’t taking a stand.

“America’s pastime plays such a significant role, especially in the Latino community. But still there has been deafening silence from Commissioner Selig on the issue,” says Clarissa Martinez, director of the National Council of La Raza.

It is clear that a protest is a line that some players are uncomfortable and unwilling to cross. Only a few outspoken players such as Adrian Gonzalez — who told AOL a year ago that he would forgo the All Star game — are even willing to speak on the issue.

Should baseball get involved in Arizona’s Immigration law issue? Or say “Here’s some money for charity — but take a stand on a real issue? No thank you.”