Are the Mets for Real?

After a tough stretch against the Nationals and Yankees that saw the Mets drop 5 of 6, it’s time to ask the question at the back of every Mets fans mind. Are the Mets contenders this year? Will the Mets play meaningful September baseball for the first time since 2008? Luckily, thanks to sabermetrics, we […]

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Is Jon Niese the Next Glendon Rusch?

Matthew Poliout over at NBC’s Hardball Talk blog made an interesting point regarding the significant disparity between Jon Niese’s ERA. last season (4.40) and his FIP (3.36):

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Response to Pelfrey Article

Joe responded to my Pelfrey post earlier today, raising a point that I hear a lot from Mets fans around this time of ¬†year. He essentially agreed with my premise that Pelfrey was a potential sell-high candidate, but nevertheless, contended that the Mets should refrain from trading him because the rotation is thin: I get […]

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Mets Should Consider Trading Mike Pelfrey

This is an article written by Matt Himelfarb After a disappointing 2009, Mike Pelfrey rebounded big time in 2010, going 15-9 with a 3.66 ERA in 204 innings pitched. With Johan Santana expected to be sidelined until at least Opening Day, and the unclear financial stature of the Mets, no one dare wants to broach […]

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Why the Mets Never Win

Pat Misch was removed from his start for AAA Buffalo Tuesday night after throwing just five innings and 55 pitches, indicating that he will start in place of Hisanori Takahashi on Saturday. Misch will be promoted despite the fact the Bisons boast a far more intriguing and better option in Dillon Gee. Gee has a […]

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How the Mets Might Have Landed Dan Haren

Yesterday, the Angels acquired Dan Haren from the Diamondbacks for southpaw Joe Saunders and three pitching prospects: Patrick Corbin, Tyler Skaggs, and Rafael Rodriguez. The consensus, in a nutshell, is that the deal is reminiscent of a cross between the Dutch’s purchase of New York City from the Native Americans and the infamous Scott Kazmir […]

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Ruben Tejada or Luis Castillo? Pick Your Poison.

Two weeks ago, mostly everyone was singing the praises of Ruben Tejada. He appeared to be holding his own at the plate, while providing the best defense seen at the position in a decade. Since than, Tejada’s come crashing back down to earth. Overall, in 101 plate appearances, he is hitting .221/.299/.267 (.566 OPS. .255 […]

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Random Thoughts Concerning Cliff Lee

Matt Himelfarb has various thoughts about Cliff Lee … with the numbers to back up his arguments. Read on

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Why Mike Jacobs Shouldn’t Hit Cleanup

Besides the obvious, there is solid statistical evidence that Mike Jacobs should not be batting fourth for the Mets — or in anyone’s lineup, for that matter. While it’s true I tend to eschew many baseball stats, the truth is, I do find stats to be valuable in evaluating a ballplayer. Further, sometimes one uncovers […]


Is Adrian Gonzalez Worth It?

This winter will be abuzz with rumors surrounding San Diego Padres first baseman Adrian Gonzalez. Some think his breakout 2009 season is a fluke, while others believe he’s on the brink of superstardom. In a well-researched article, contributing stathead Matt Himelfarb answers the question: Is Adrian Gonzalez worth it?

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