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Buster Posey: What Should Change?

On Twitter, my friend JamesK from AmazinAvenue tweeted: I’d like to hear @metstoday’s opinion on the Buster Posey situation and any rule changes going forward. Since I’m a huge fan of Buster Posey, but the subject doesn’t really fit into a Mets blog, I posted my opinion over at my other blog, It’s the […]

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Jerry Grote Speaks About Catching

During my time at Citi Field yesterday, I had the chance to speak with former Mets catcher Jerry Grote. A big thrill for me, since he, Thurman Munson, John Stearns, and Johnny Bench were the four men who inspired me to play baseball and play the catching position during my childhood. My “interview” with Grote […]

Catching Mechanics

Catching: How (Not) To Frame

There was a lot of jibber-jabber from the Mets bench on Sunday afternoon as home plate umpire Phil Cuzzi was inundated with a number of borderline pitches. It’s very hard to tell from the TV screen whether Cuzzi was right or wrong, since the off-center angle of the centerfield camera can make pitches that are […]

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