What Is the Mets Strength?

The text poll on the SNY telecast yesterday was, “What do you think the Mets strengths will be this year” with the choices a. Starters b. Relievers c. Outfield d. Infield What is your answer, and why?


Wild Card Fantasy

The 2011 World Champion Cardinals were ten games out of the Wild Card this time last year. The Mets and Phillies are both currently ten games behind in the Wild Card standings. (Ironically, the Cardinals are one of the two teams at the top.) Just for kicks, I’d like to add that on August 30, […]


Is Terry Collins To Blame?

As the Mets were cruising into the All-Star break with an improbable winning percentage, I distinctly remember whispers from beat writers, bloggers, and the SNY announcers that Terry Collins was in line for Manager of the Year. After all, the pundits predicted putrid performance from Flushing, with most picking the Mets to finish dead last. […]


Will Mets Finish Ahead of Phillies?

Another suggestion from the MetsToday email bag — this one comes from loyal MetsToday visitor and commenter “James”: I had a great idea for a survey for Mets Today- do you think the Mets or the Phillies will have a better record at the end of the year? I know which one I would pick […]

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Poll: Mets First-half MVP

Who is the Mets’ first-half Most Valuable Player — the man who has contributed the most to their success thus far? Hard for me to say; on the one hand, David Wright has been carrying the offense on his back. On the other hand, the starting pitching has been excellent, so maybe one of the […]

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Which Mets to Keep, Which to Trash

ESPN-NY is running a poll that is sadly all-to-fitting: Your New York Mets: Take ‘Em or Trash ‘Em. For some reason, the names and faces on that page resemble a “most wanted” poster you might see at the post office. And certainly, many of those people have committed symbolic crimes as far as Mets fans […]


Mets Second-half Plan: What Would You Do?

After admitting that no one’s job was safe, and sitting behind closed doors to discuss the plans for the immediate future of the team, the Mets’ front office came away with the decision to do absolutely nothing. Just for a minute, pretend that you were sitting at the conference table on Monday and had a […]


Daily Mets Poll: Will the Mets Make the Playoffs?

MetsBlog is reporting that oddsmakers believe the Mets have a 37.4% chance of making the postseason. That’s up 2% since last week, which is odd since the Mets have gone 4-5 since then, Mike Pelfrey is struggling and Johan’s velocity is still down. Oh, and the bullpen is a disaster. But the Mets are still […]


Daily Mets Poll: Castillo or Tejada?

Last week, it was reported that Luis Castillo will start at second base when he returns to the team. What do you think?


Daily Mets Poll: MLB’s Post Season Reservation System

As Andrew Vazzano points out on TheRoPolitans, MLB is allowing fans to buy reservations for post season tickets. There seem to be some serious flaws in the process.


Daily Mets Poll: Ollie P vs. Bobby B

Ollie Perez started his rehab assignment last night, allowing four runs and five hits over six innings – in Class A-ball. To date, Perez is 0-3 with a 6.28 ERA at the major league level. You will remember that Perez was signed to a 3-year, $36 million contract in the off-season – who could forget […]


Daily Mets Poll: Game 1 Starter

The Mets are positioned for a serious playoff run – they are 1.5 games behind the division leading Braves and a half game ahead of the Reds in the wildcard standings. Rumors continue to swirl about the team’s interest in Cliff Lee (among others), but doubts persist about Johan Santana’s health and effectiveness. Meanwhile, Mike […]


Daily Mets Poll: Who Should Be Untouchable?

Yesterday’s poll asked if the Mets should go after Ted Lilly instead of Cliff Lee. Today, I ask you this: Assuming the Mets will go after a quality veteran starting pitcher, which young players/prospects should be excluded from all trade discussions? Granted, a specific pitcher will dictate a specific combination of prospects that will be […]