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Mets Potential Bright Spots in 2012

The other day we discussed the six concerns the Mets have going into 2012. Just to prove to you that I’m not always, 100% pessimistic — and to satisfy the request of MetsToday reader “Steven” — today we’ll look at bright spots.

11-12 Offseason

Six Concerns for Mets in 2012

Ideally, we’d be discussing the Mets’ embracement of Six Sigma to help them in the 2012 season. Instead, there are at least six concerns they have going into Opening Day. Let’s take a look at the six most burning questions for the Mets as of right this moment.

11-12 Offseason

Mets vs. Yankees Brief Notes

Ike Davis ended the game dramatically with a prodigious solo blast over the batter’s eye in the bottom of the ninth to give the Mets the victory. It was fun to watch. However, if there’s any concern about Davis it’s his continued habit of complaining publicly to the home plate umpire after striking out looking. […]

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Price of Pitching Just Went Up

If you haven’t yet heard, the San Francisco Giants have signed pitcher Matt Cain to a 5-year, $112M extension — which averages out to over $20M per season. This news comes about a week after the Dodgers were purchased for over two billion dollars in cash, and leads me to ask, has the world gone […]

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Mets Remain Powerless

While watching the spring training contest between the Mets and the Tigers yesterday, a comment was made about Detroit’s assault on opposing pitchers via the home run. It motivated me to check the spring training stats. As it turns out, the Tigers lead all MLB teams with 42 home runs this spring. Guess who is […]

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Mets to Lock Up Niese?

According to Adam Rubin of ESPN, the Mets are close to signing Jonathon Niese to a long-term deal. The eventual deal is believed to be comparable to the five-year, $28.5 million deal that included two team options — for $11 million and $11.5 million — that fellow left-hander Derek Holland signed with the Texas Rangers last […]

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The Mets Might Not Be Good This Season, But They Won’t Be As Bad As Everyone Thinks

It is no secret right now in New York sports that the Mets are a second-class citizen when compared to the Yankees. They are in financial ruin, their tickets sell for pennies on the dollar on secondary markets, they haven’t made the playoffs since 2006, they haven’t won a World Series since 1986, and aren’t […]

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The Mets: Opening Day High and Low Lights

Excited about the 2012 baseball season? Me neither. With one exception, about which you will read below, I have never paid less attention to the start of the season as I have with this one. Regardless of how I/we feel, The Season That Somebody Else’s Favorite Team Wins The World Series is about to begin. […]

11-12 Offseason

NY Times: Mets Meh List

From The New York Times Magazine: Hat tip to my lovely wife, who is always on the lookout for great stories, lists, and graphics related to the Mets.

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Mets vs. Nats Notes

I had a long work day, and skimmed through the game quickly via fast-forward on MLB.com, so the notes are extra brief.

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Offense Appears to be Set

It looks like Andres Torres, Jason Bay, and Scott Hairston will be healthy for opening day (In fact, Hairston started in center field today against the Nationals).  In addition, Adam Loewen was reportedly reassigned to minor league camp.  With those nuggets of news, the Mets lineup and bench appear to be set, barring any injuries […]

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Quick Notes on Mets vs. Braves

Some very brief notes on yesterday’s exhibition between the Mets and Braves.

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Johan: Is Opening Day the Finish Line?

During yesterday’s TV broadcast of the Mets – Braves spring training game, Gary Cohen and Ron Darling discussed Johan Santana, with Cohen going so far as to suggest that Santana’s “comeback” might serve as a case study for pitchers who have similar surgery in the future. Darling followed that by half-joking that Randy Niemann might […]

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Happy Opening Day!

The 2012 Major League Baseball season begins right now, for reals! Really, it does. When the Mets take the field for a spring training contest this afternoon, two teams will have already finished Opening Day. As you read this, the Oakland Athletics are facing the Seattle Mariners in Tokyo, Japan, in a game that counts […]

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Listen to Kinesiology Expert Tonight

Tonight on “Inside China Basin,” Joe Castellano will be interviewing Sport Kinesiologist Angel Borrelli, a scientist who focuses specifically on the pitching motion. FYI, China Basin is an area within San Francisco; the podcast is focused on the baseball Giants. Though this is not a Giants blog, obviously, some of you may be interested in […]

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