Mets Memories

1979 and the Birth of a Mets Fan

I was reading this post over at Amazin’ Avenue about the worst Opening Day lineups in Mets history (a story prompted by the lineup we may see on April 1st this year).  They arranged it by decade.  When I got to their nominee for worst lineup of the 70s, I stopped – and a flood […]

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26 Years Ago Today…

  When it comes to the Mets, I’m not usually one to dwell on the past.  Especially the 1986 season.  The fact that it’s been so long since the Mets’ last championship is becoming less of a fond memory, and more of an embarrassment with each passing year. That said, it’s a milestone worth acknowledging.  It is, […]

Mets Memories

11 Years Ago Today…

Eleven years ago today, this happened:

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Remembering (and Meeting) Matt Franco

As part of my “all-access pass” yesterday, I was able to speak with Matt Franco — though informally and briefly. He was constantly smiling and genuinely happy to be in Citi Field and connecting with the fans. Just about every fan mentioned “the hit” against Mariano Rivera that beat the Yankees in that Subway Series […]

Mets Memories