Book Review: Long Shot by Mike Piazza (with Lonnie Wheeler)

When you think of Mike Piazza, “Long Shot” is probably the furthest thing from your mind.  After all, he was the best hitting catcher in the history of baseball, he had Tommy Lasorda to help him into pro ball, he was a superstar in Los Angeles and New York, and he dated supermodels and married a […]

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Belated Book Review: Wherever I Wind Up

Wherever I Wind Up by R.A. Dickey (with Wayne Coffey) is a book that could have been written by anyone in any walk of life. Being a pitcher is his profession, and he’s good at it.  But like anyone else, he didn’t roll out of bed throwing 80 MPH knuckleballs for strikes.  Nor did he […]

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Read This Book

Let’s get down to brass tacks (and not of the Bronx type): for the past few months, the content on MetsToday has not been nearly as prolific as you remember. The reason for the relative lack of frequency in posts is simple: I started a new, full-time job that is taking most of my time. […]

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Three Books to Read Regarding Home Run Kings

There’s been a lot of hoopla surrounding some guy in San Francisco chasing the number 755 (which means very little, by the way). Something about a “Home Run King”. For anyone interested in reading about the Home Run Kings, I implore you to read the following books, in this specific order: 1. Sadaharu Oh!: A […]


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Not much Mets news with the day off, so today’s post is self-serving and blatantly commercialized. You may or may not realize that publishing a blog costs money, and to help defray the costs, MetsToday has implemented a few revenue streams to keep the site live. Hopefully these aren’t too intrusive, and in fact what […]