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Mets Pitching Prospect: Steven Matz

Steven Matz has endured one of the most stressful and unexpected journeys of any player in the New York Mets farm system. Selected in the 2nd round in the 2009 MLB Draft, it’s taken Matz four years to pitch in full-season ball. But he’s finally here. After Tommy John surgery and two years of rehab, […]

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Mets Pitching Prospect: Matt Bowman

In many respects, Mets pitching prospect Matthew Bowman is not unlike the hundreds of other young pitchers that have passed under the tutelage of current Sand Gnats pitching coach Frank Viola. Although undoubtedly promising, Bowman, the Mets 11th-round pick out of Princeton University last season, nevertheless lacks the tantalizing repertoire or highly heralded prospect status […]

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Wild Night in Colorado Springs

It was a wild night in Colorado Springs on the night of April 20th.  And it had nothing whatsoever to do with the state-wide legalization of pot. The Las Vegas 51s, the new Mets Triple-A affiliate took game one of their four game set with the Sky Sox, 10-6 (Box Score), and the wildness came […]

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Matt den Dekker’s Plate Discipline Hinders Opportunity

Questions continue to loom over who will be starting where in the outfield, especially in centerfield. And Matt den Dekker still isn’t the answer.

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Rounds 2-10: Stankiewicz, Reynolds, a Hawaiian, and College guys

After the first ten rounds, the Mets philosophy is structured around saving money. The front office has not necessarily drafted the best players available, but after sleeping on last night’s decisions, I’m actually humming a different tune. The Mets seem to be drafting pieces, instead of players, which isn’t necessarily bad. By this, I mean […]

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First Round: Mets draft Cecchini, Plawecki

If you haven’t heard yet, the 2012 MLB Rule 4 draft started on Monday. This year is much different from past years, as hard slotting has taken effect. Each team is assigned a certain amount of money, which can be used for bonuses. This prevents big-market teams from drafting players later in the draft who […]

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Down on the Farm: Wheeler, den Dekker, Flores impress

Here are four questions/statements that you might be asking yourself two months into the minor league season. Is there a true ace in the Mets system? One of the biggest weaknesses within the Mets organization is the lack of a bonafide #1 starting pitcher. Many fans believe that Matt Harvey is going to be that […]

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Marte, McHugh Talk to Bloggers

On Friday, the Mets Media Relations department was kind enough to hold a conference call between Mets bloggers and B-Mets Jefry Marte and Collin McHugh.  Both players are off to prodigious starts for Binghamton.  Marte was named Mets minor league hitter of the month.  He’s hitting .326/.389/.442.  McHugh, the Mets minor league pitcher of the month, has […]

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A Look into the Future: Top 3B Prospects

A grand slam that turned into a single, A backward-diving bare hand catch that caused them to mingle, Those are the memories that I have as a Mets fan, Maybe one day I can be the man, Who’s manning third. Ten years ago the Mets added a free agent who became a fan favorite: Robin […]

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A Look into the Future: Top Shortstop Prospects

The ground is full of dirty, dirt that is full of memories. Do you know how many played on this dirt before? Ordonez, Olerud, Bordick, etc… Maybe one day I can play on the dirt. I’ve heard it’s softer than a mattress. Short poems can explain a lot. If this poorly constructed poem did not […]

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Is Fernando Martinez a Late-bloomer or a Bust?

About 6 years ago the Mets signed a 16 year-old Dominican prospect named Fernando Martinez. Still only 22, he’s been with the Mets organization for six years and has yet to fulfill the high expectations placed on his shoulders as a teenager. Concerning F-Mart’s career, is it time to turn to panic mode?

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Mets Add More Players to Roster

With MLB rosters allowed to expand to up to 40 players, the Mets have made a few more September call-ups.

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Will Wheeler, Familia, and Harvey Repeat History?

NOTE: this is a guest post by Jimmy Prinzler. Enjoy. The Mets’ top three pitching prospects at this time are Zack Wheeler, Jeurys Familia, and Matt Harvey. Assuming they remain with the organization, what will they bring to the Mets? My best guess is that all three will pitch together in the 2013 rotation — […]

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To the Bat(ista) Phone!

He’s started a World Series game at Yankee Stadium, once dissed Miss Iowa and is a published author and poet. He is Miguel Batista and if the Mets at all want to add a little interest to the remainder of another season of broken dreams, they should call him up from Buffalo to take the […]

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Taking a Look at Who the Mets Should Add to their 40-Man Roster on September 1st

After being swept in rather embarrassing fashion at the hands of the playoff-bound Milwaukee Brewers this weekend at Citi Field, it became clear to Mets players, fans, and management that this incarnation of the New York Mets has no shot at reaching the 2011 MLB playoffs. So the prudent move right now for the organization […]

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