Mets Acquire Lefty Reliever Alex Torres

According to a press release published by the New York Mets, the team has acquired lefthanded reliever Alex Torres from the Padres in return for Cory Mazzoni and a player to be named later.

Torres, 27, went 2-1 with a 3.33 ERA in 70 relief appearances last season. He held righties to a .209 average and lefties to a .256 average.

Torres has slightly over one year of MLB service and his 2014 salary was $509,000, according to Cots Contracts.

Expect to hear analysis from Joe on this, in the meantime, post your reaction in the comments.

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  1. argonbunnies March 30, 2015 at 4:19 pm
    Interesting. Torres had a dominant 2013 for those reliever-reinventing Rays, but has been a walk machine for the rest of his career, including in 2014. To me, his numbers indicate a Scott Rice clone — doesn’t allow homers, can be tough to hit, but too wild to rely on. Plus, the Padres are clearly in win-now mode, so dealing Torres for a minor leaguer indicates pretty clearly that Bud Black et al don’t think Torres can help the MLB team in 2015. I really hope the Mets know something I don’t — 5 years of team control is great, but only if the player is actually worth having.

    For that, Sandy gives up Mazzoni, his second round pick from 2011. Mazzoni looks like a fringe big league starter, but many expect his stuff to make him a dominant reliever. Never having relieved in his life, and coming off an injury-shortened 2014, Mazzoni is an extreme unknown, but with decent upside, a perfectly fair trade for a mediocre LOOGY*.

    It’s the “player to be named later” part that has me worried…

    *The Padres used Torres for 54 innings across 70 appearances. The Rays did the exact opposite, using him as a multi-inning guy (54 innings in 37 appearances from June on).

  2. david March 30, 2015 at 7:21 pm
    Speaking wihtout knowledge of Torres, I can only say I am happy to see Alderson make 2 moves to shore up the pen today. We had no lefty relievers, now we have 2. No point crying over what Mazzoni could have been for the Mets, his star dimmed over the years and the reality is we have lots like him in the system and it was time to draw on that stock to address a glaring need.

    The Blevins deal is far more interesting to me. I did see Blevins in some ST action, getting clobbered by the Mets. Alderson must have seen somthing he liked and he has a good track record although his 2014 numbers worry me a tad. As for MDD, he is 28 I believe, either now or soon, so we have to recognize him for what he is. An upside defensive player and a weak offersive player. Ie, replaceable. Again, Alderson gets credit for dealing from a position of strength. If an OF gets hurt, we’ve got Nimmo and hopefully Puello to fill the spot with Conforto not too far away.

  3. Bob March 31, 2015 at 5:00 am
    This is a good trade for both SD and NY. They swapped from positions of strength… Torres was possibly not going to make the team and the Mets just got off the phone with John Franco, while Mazzoni fits in SD’s AAA team and had grown stale in NY’s farm system.