Link the Mets, Link the Mets… Tuesday Morning Edition

So… last night’s game didn’t turn into the pitcher’s duel that I kind of hinted at in yesterday’s Open Thread. Well, get ready for my next prediction… I predict it’s time for Mets links:

Brooklyn Met Fan – Adam Salazaar is trying to put a positive spin on last night’s record-setting 18-6 loss to the Padres at Petco Park. TO THE PADRES! AT PETCO!

ESPN New York – Adam Rubin has an in-depth look at Olliegate, Alex Cora, and the upcoming draft.

OnTheBlack – Kerel Cooper hands out his own personal Player of the Month award for the month of May. And the winner is…

The Daily Stache – Matt Esposito looks at the options the Mets will have on draft day.

Amazin’ Avenue – Regardless of what you think of Jerry Manuel, you will get a good laugh out of “Jerryball: The Art of Giving Away a Game.”

And if you caught the Senior Professional Baseball Association over the weekend (click here), then you might wanna check out this CNN report from the league’s Opening Day:

Note to kids: That ATM-looking machine behind the reporter in the last shot is what humanity loosely referred to as “personal computers” in 1989. No joke.

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